5 Best Electric Kettles Reviewed in 2023:

We tested different Electric Kettles on the market today and came to agree that Smeg Retro Style Aesthetic Electric Kettle and Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle with Bluetooth are the Best Electric Powered Kettles in 2023.


Review Of 5 Best Electric Kettles To Buy In 2023:

#1-CHOICE: Smeg Retro Style Aesthetic Electric Kettle:

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  • Retro Style Aesthetic Electric Kettle
  • Features a stainless steel ball lever knob.
  • A chrome-handle & stainless steel spout.
  • Features a 1.7-Liter/7-Cups jug capacity.
  • Double water indication for: Liters/Cups.
  • Soft-opening lid & Polished chrome base.
  • A removable stainless steel lime scale filter.
  • 50’s retro style will add a pop to any kitchen.
  • Available in different colors with an Embossed 3D SMEG logo.
  • Auto shut-off at 100 Degree C/212 & when no water is detected.
  • Powder coated steel body & polished chrome base for maximum durability..


#2-CHOICE: Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pour-over Kettle with Bluetooth:

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  • Built-in Brew Stopwatch.
  • Proudly designed in California.
  • Provides 1200-Watt Quick Heating.
  • Bluetooth Connected Electric Kettle.
  • A Pour-Over Kettle For Coffee And Tea.
  • Great design with flawless functionality.
  • Features a Variable Temperature Control.
  • A Modern, minimal and matte black finish.
  • Features a 1200 watt quick heating element.
  • Built-in Brew Stopwatch to time your extraction.
  • An illuminating element to show the heating progress.
  • LCD screen displays: “Set Temp” and “Real Time Temp”.
  • Variable-temperature-control ranging from 135°F to 212°F.
  • Precision pour spout is designed for the optimal pour-over flow rate.
  • Bluetooth connectivity and compatible with iOS & Android “Stagg EKG App”.
  • Switch the rear toggle to HOLD mode & the kettle will maintain the desired temp for 60-minutes.
  • Counter-balanced handle moves the center of mass back towards your hand for a more comfortable & slower pour.


#3-CHOICE: KitchenAid KEK1565ER Electric Kettle:

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  • An Electric Kettle.
  • Quickly & quietly boils water in minutes.
  • Easy to pour push-button lid opens with a single touch.
  • All-metal stainless steel interior to maintain water quality.
  • 1.5 liter capacity to boil water for single or multiple servings.
  • Dual wall insulation keeps the inside hot & exterior temperature lower.


#4-CHOICE: OXO BREW Cordless Glass Electric Kettle:

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  • Cordless Glass Electric Kettle.
  • An insulated bottom for easy transportation.
  • Boils up to 1.75 L of water faster than the microwave.
  • Voltage is: 120V/60Hz & Dimensions of: 9″ x 6.2″ x 11.2″.
  • Cord wraps neatly around the base for compact, tidy storage.
  • Kettle is cord-free when removed from the 360-Degree swivel base.
  • Perforated stainless steel filter strains water & its removable for easy cleaning.
  • Non-slip, comfortable handle provides a secure grip and remains cool to touch.
  • Lid opens slowly to control the release of steam and prevent hot water splatter.
  • Features convenient ounce & milliliter markings that allow for precise measuring.
  • Durable borosilicate glass provides thermal shock protection & a pure, clean taste.
  • Illuminated LED power switch lights up when Kettle is on and automatically turns off when water has reached a boiling-point.


#5-CHOICE: Breville BKE720BSS Temp Select Electric Kettle:

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  • A Cordless Electric-jug.
  • Temp Select Electric Kettle.
  • Features a large 7-cup capacity.
  • Safety Auto Shut-Off and Boil Dry Protection.
  • 360̊ multi-directional base with cord storage wrap.
  • Dual water window for left or right-handed viewing.
  • Soft opening lid slowly releases steam & prevents splashing.
  • Hold Temp button to keep the kettle at your selected temperature for 20-mins.
  • 5 programmed settings for green-tea, white-tea, oolong-tea, black-tea & French Press coffee.

How To Clean An Electric Kettle:

*Create a vinegar solution: Vinegar helps to descale an electric kettle and remove build up from hard water. So, mix a solution of water and white vinegar in equal parts and then fill the kettle around halfway or three quarters the way full with the solution.

*Boil the solution in the kettle: Turn on the kettle with the solution inside so as to clean the inside and remove any limestone stains. In case the scaling inside the kettle is really bad, increase the amount of vinegar in the mixture and boil again.

*Let the solution in the kettle soak: After the kettle reaching a boiling point, turn it off and unplug it. Let the solution soak inside the kettle for around 20-minutes. Afterwards, pour out the solution. However, if the scaling is really bad, leave the solution in the kettle longer.

*Scrub inside the kettle: In case the scaling is really bad, use a non-metallic sponge or cloth to scrub the inside of the kettle. Only do this after you have let the vinegar solution soak in the kettle for a long time. However, make sure that you do not scrub the heating element on the bottom of the kettle.

*Rinse the kettle to remove any vinegar: Rinse the electric kettle with water for multiple times to remove the vinegar smell. After, wipe down the inside with a cloth and let the kettle dry-up. If there is any vinegar taste or smell left in the kettle, boil water in it again and dump it. This should get rid of it. Additionally, you can boil water multiple times if the vinegar smell or taste won’t go away.

*Consider using a lemon solution: If the kettle manufacturer states that you should not use vinegar to clean your kettle, then use lemon instead. So, make a solution with lemon and water. Do this by squeezing a lemon into water and then cut up the lemon and place the slices in the water. Fill the kettle with this solution. Boil the water and let it soak in the kettle for around an hour. Dump the water and rinse the kettle. Alternately, you can use a lime instead of a lemon.

*Use baking soda solution: Another great cleaning option is to make a solution of baking soda and water. So, mix around a teaspoon of baking soda into water and then pour the solution into the electric kettle and bring to a boil. Let the solution soak for around 20-minutes and then pour out the solution and finish by rinsing with cold water. This will remove the scaling inside the kettle.

*Get a commercial kettle cleaning product: You should dilute the cleaning product with water according to the directions and boil the solution in the kettle. Leave the solution in the kettle to let it soak and after rinse the kettle with cold water.

*Clean the kettle-outside using dish soap: o clean the outside of your kettle, use basic dish-washing detergent. So, wash the outside using dish soap and then wipe it down with a damp cloth. However, try not to get any dish-soap inside the kettle. Additionally, consider cleaning the outside every week or so.

*Polish the outside using olive-oil: Incase you have a stainless steel electric kettle then you may want to polish it to keep it looking shiny using olive-oil. So, place some oil on a soft cloth and rub over the outside of the kettle. After, rub gently to make sure you don’t scratch the outside surface.

*Consider cleaning the kettle more often: The kettle interior can get build up with frequent use especially if you live in an area with hard water. So, to keep your kettle working properly, thoroughly clean it every few months.


All the featured electric-kettles look elegant, are functional and can be programmed to cook at different temperatures while safe to use in 2023.


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