5 Best Electric Ranges Reviewed in 2023:

An Electric-Range or Electric-Stove is a kitchen appliance with an integrated electrical heating device that allows for fast cooking and baking. In fact, ranges have became a popular replacement for solid-fuel stoves which require more labor to operate and maintain.

Likewise, an electric range is a combination stove and oven that uses electric power as opposed to gas-power to cook, bake, and heat-up food. All in all, this is a crucial kitchen appliance for anyone who likes to cook or bake at home today.

So, Our team tested different Electric Ranges on the market today and came to agree that Frigidaire FGIH3047VF Induction Electric Range and GE JB625RKSS Freestanding Electric Range are the Best Electric Range Ovens & Stoves in 2023.


Review Of 5 Best Electric Ranges To Buy In 2023:

#1-CHOICE: Frigidaire FGIH3047VF 30″ Induction Electric Convection Freestanding Range:

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  • This unit is both Star K and ADA compliant.
  • 30″ Electric Convection Freestanding Range.
  • Quick Preheat Starts baking in just a few minutes.
  • Features dimensions of: 29.8″W x 36.6″H x 25.7″D.
  • Comes with 4-elements & a 5.4-cu.ft oven capacity.
  • Fast heating with Induction that boils water 50% faster.
  • It features a Total Capacity Of: 5.4-cu.ft. & Weight: 215-lbs.
  • Stainless-Steel Induction Electric Convection Freestanding Range.
  • A 30-minute light oven cleaning that’s chemical-free, odor-free & fast.
  • Safe Cooktop Surface whereby the area around the pans stays cooler to touch.
  • Features self-clean with fast steam cleaning option, temperature-precision, true-convection & even-bake technology.
  • Even multi-rack baking with a powerful convection fan & third heating element that evenly circulates hot air throughout the oven.


#2-CHOICE: GE JB625RKSS Freestanding Electric Range Oven:

GE Electric Smooth-top Range Oven

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  • 30″ Freestanding Electric Range.
  • Freestanding Electric Range Oven.
  • This Electric Range has a Capacity Of: 5-cu.ft.
  • Features 4-Elements, Storage-Drawer & Self Clean.
  • Analog knobs on the front control panel are easy to operate.
  • Made of high-quality Stainless Steel for maximum durability.
  • Big View oven window provides better visibility of the oven interior.
  • Light on the range will illuminate to alert you when the elements are on.
  • 2 oven-racks can be configured in 6-positions to accommodate various baking needs.


#3-CHOICE: New Imperial 36″ Electric Range With 6 Round Plate Elements:

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  • 36″ electric-range oven.
  • Features 6 round plate elements.
  • Restaurant or Residential Electric Range.
  • Splatter screen protects element from spills.
  • The cooktop features 2-kW electric elements.
  • One chrome oven rack is included for baking.
  • Porcelainized side, rear, deck and door lining.
  • Round plates with easy-to-clean Teflon surface.
  • Exclusive heat deflector reflects heat into the oven.
  • Infinite heat controls for maximum cooking flexibility.
  • Provides a solid flat surface for faster & even heating.
  • Plates are 9-1/2 (241) diameter for maximum pan contact.
  • Solid top prevents spills from entering unit making clean-up easy.
  • Stainless steel front, top, sides, back-guard, shelf & landing ledge.
  • Oven Dimensions: 26-1/2″W x 26″D x 14″H (673W x 660D x 356H).
  • Oven controls protected from heat in an insulated side compartment.
  • Stamped inner door liner provides extra strength while optimizing heat retention.
  • Standard oven high-performance 5KW element provides even heating throughout the oven.
  • Heavy duty thermostat with temperature range from 150-degrees F to 500-degrees F (65-degrees C to 260-degrees C).
  • Chef depth standard oven interior accommodates standard 18″ x 26″ (457 x 660) sheet pans front-to-back & side-by-side.


#4-CHOICE: Thorkitchen HRD3088U 30″ Freestanding Professional Style Dual Fuel Rangel:Thor kitchen Freestanding Professional Style Dual Fuel Range

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  • Form Factor: Freestanding.
  • Oven Cooking Type: Convection.
  • Ignition-Type: Electronic Ignition.
  • It looks stylish & modern in any kitchen.
  • Made of Stainless-Steel for maximum durability.
  • 30″ Freestanding Professional Style Dual Fuel Range
  • Features a manual convection cooking mode & oven control.
  • Equipped with several manual controls: switches and knobs.
  • A Dual-Fuel Range with a 4.2-cu.ft. oven for multiple cooking.
  • Equipped with a Convection Cooling Fan: 120V, 60Hz, 0.35Amp-0.55Amp.
  • It features 4 burners: (1)18,000 BTU burners, (2)12,000 BTU dual burners,(1)15,000 BTU dual-burners with 650BTU simmer function.


#5-CHOICE: COSMO F965 36″ Dual Fuel Range with 5 Gas-Burners & Electric Convection Oven:

COSMO Dual Fuel Range.

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  • A 36″ Dual Fuel Range.
  • Power rating: 220/240V.
  • A 3.8-cu.ft. capacity range.
  • It comes with a 4-Prong Plug.
  • Stainless-steel exterior & black porcelain interior.
  • Dual Fuel with Natural Gas Cooktop & Electric Oven.
  • Dimensions of: 35.5″(W) x 23.6″(L) x Adjustable 35″-37″(H).
  • A removable backsplash allows for either freestanding or slide-in installations.
  • Features overheating protection and a cool-to-touch oven door handle so you can cook with peace of mind.
  • A modern design that blends seamlessly with other stainless steel kitchen appliances for modern home makeovers.
  • The 5 Gas Burners Include: an 18,400 BTU-Burner, a 10,200 BTU-Burner, (x2) 7,500 BTU-Burners, and a 5,000 BTU-Burner.
  • 8 functions including: Traditional-Bake, Convection-Bake, Convection-Broil, High-Broil, Low-Broil, Pizza, Defrost, and Light.
  • The true turbo European convection oven cooks food more evenly in less time and at a lower temperature than in a standard oven.
  • 5 Sealed High-performance gas burners which allow you to cook from a high heat for boiling or searing to a low simmer for delicate sauces.
  • Made of corrosion-resistant 430-grade stainless-steel, heavy-duty cast iron grates for heat retention and distribution, and a fingerprint/smudge resistant finish that easily wipes clean. This heavy-duty construction ensures maximum durability and operation for years.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Is an electric range a stove?

Yes, an electric-stove or electric-range is actually a stove with an integrated electrical heating device for cooking and baking. In fact, electric stoves have became popular replacements for gas/wood/coal stoves which require more energy to operate and maintain.

Why is an electric stove or range better?

Because its less expensive to install, easy-to-clean and easier to control coupled with a stable base and durable construction. It will also accommodate different sizes and styles of pots or kitchen-ware.

Is it better to use an electric stove/range?

It depends, because the dry and even heat of an electric range oven may work better for baked goods while gas ranges offer more responsive heat control for switching between searing meats or stir-frying veggies.

What is better, a cooktop or range?

It depends, a cooktop a versatile option for convenience and flexibility in the kitchen while a range is dependable and full-featured appliance. However, both appliances are versatile, easy-to-install, and will make any kitchen look modern.

Do electric stoves or ranges use a lot of electricity?

Not really because most electric ovens use between 2,000 and 5,000 watts with an average electric stove wattage at around 3,000-watts. So, assuming that the electricity rate is 10-cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), a 3000-watt oven will cost you about 30-cents per hour at a high-heat.

Do chefs prefer gas or electric stoves?

Actually it depends on what they are cooking. In fact, a gas-stove offers an incredible cooking experience while an electric range/stove is good at baking. Additionally, you can easily control the heat/temperature levels of a gas-stove compared to those of an electric-stove.

What is the most reliable brand of electric range?

The best electric-range brands are Whirlpool, GE, Haier, and Thor. However, there are other several innovative, stylish, and durable electric range brands available on the market today.

What type of range do chefs prefer?

Most professional chefs would prefer using a convection-oven range because of the thermal control and evenness of cooking it offers.

Which cooking range brand is the best?

GE” and “Haier” make the best cooking ranges, whether they are electric or gas powered. In fact, these companies make the most durable and functional cooking appliances on the market today.

Which is cheaper to run, a gas or electric range?

On average, a gas-stove is 30-percent cheaper to operate than an electric-stove. In fact, gas-ranges are less expensive to operate or use than electric-stoves.

What is the difference between a cooktop and a range?

A Cooktop is a flat and portable cooking stove without an oven below it and can be integrated into countertops. A Range combines a stovetop (cooktop) and an oven which makes it a fully functional kitchen stove.

Why do most people like gas stoves so much?

Most people including chefs prefer using a gas-stove because it gives them more control over temperature as they cook their dishes. In fact, gas-stoves provide a much more precise temperature as opposed to an electric cooktop.

What’s the difference between a gas-stove and an electric-stove/range?

A gas-range uses an open flame to cook foods while an electric-range utilizes metal heating elements to cook and bake various foods. However, gas-stoves are highly responsive which allows you to move between heat levels quickly while electric-ovens tend to have dry and even heat that is ideal for baking and roasting.

Which is better for baking, gas or electric range?

An electric-oven is better because it maintains a consistent heat throughout the baking process. With an electric-range, you will be sure that your bread is baked evenly at all times. On the other hand, gas-ovens tend to cause uneven temperatures which lead uneven baking.

What is a good-size for a range?

It depends, but most great range-styles are 30-inches wide. Additionally, a good space-saving range can be as small as 20-inches wide while an good upscale or professional-style range can measure between 36-inches to 60-inches wide. Lastly, a good height for a range is about 36-inches to 36.1/2-inches tall which is almost the same height as a kitchen countertop.

For how long can an electric range last?

A good-quality electric range has an average lifespan of: 10-to-13 years. However, a high-quality gas range can last for over 15-years even with regular use. Likewise, in-order to keep your stove in a great condition, always clean it on a regular basis to remove any grime/dirt that could cause rust in the long run.

What are the different types of electric stoves?

There are 2 major types of electric stoves which include: Conventional-stoves and Traditional-coil stoves.

Can a range be both electric and gas?

Yes, most brands today are making dual-fuel ranges with a powerful gas cooktop combined with a versatile electric oven. In fact, this type of dual-stove will provide you with the best cooking and baking experience whether your a chef or not.

What are the different types of ranges?

  • Drop-in ranges.
  • Slide-in ranges.
  • Freestanding-ranges.
  • Professional-ranges.

What are the different types of stoves?

  • Pellet Stoves.
  • Gas heating stoves.
  • Wood burning stoves.
  • Electric burner stoves.

Steps on how to choose an electric range?

  1. Set your budget.
  2. Measure your kitchen space.
  3. Choose the right range size.
  4. Choose a built-in or standing oven.
  5. Select a range type/brand carefully.
  6. Decide on the range color and finish.
  7. Make a decision on the type of shelves & doors you need.
  8. Take a look at the various cooktops to choose from (Electric-coil or Induction).
  9. Lookout for extra features which may include; steam-cookers, sous-vide, dual-ovens, wireless-connections, warming-drawers, etc.
  10. Checkout various websites or stores in-order to take a look at various range models and prices coupled with features so that you can make the right decision.
  11. Choose delivery and installation options: Before purchasing your range, asses the delivery and installation options because some retailers tend to provide both services with the overall range price, but don’t assume that its always the case. If a retailer only offers delivery services, then consider hiring a plumber ahead.

Advantages of an electric range:

+ Electric-stoves are more efficient than gas.
+ Electric smooth-top ranges are easy to clean.
+ They are easier and less expensive to install.
+ Electrical-ranges perform better at lower heat.
+ Electric-ovens heat more evenly than gas-ovens.
+ Generated heat last for longer in electric-ranges.
+ They are equipped with new, great technologies.
+ They will enable you to cut on indoor pollution.
+ The kitchen stays cooler when using an electric stove.
+ They are equipped with multiple, great modern features.
+ Electrical-ranges provide higher heat than gas-ranges.
+ Electrical ranges overperform gas ranges when broiling.
+ Can be used for multi tasking while cooking various dishes.
+ All electric-ovens are easier to install than natural gas ovens.
+ Electric-ranges are safer to use inside compared to gas-stoves.
+ Electric ranges are suitable for maintaining a low, steady simmer.
+ Cleaning an electric-range is incredibly simple due to the uniform surface.
+ Electric-ovens transmit heat in a more controlled way since they have a convertor.
+ Most electric-ranges have an elegant & contemporary appearance that will make any kitchen look amazing.

Disadvantages of an electric range:

– They cook food slower than gas.
– The oven takes a long time to preheat.
– They are more expensive than gas-stoves.
– Require a lot of electrical energy to operate.
– Electric stoves can’t be used if electricity is off.
– It’s easier to burn yourself since you can’t tell if it’s on.
– The delicate cooktops can get damaged easily if something is dropped on it.
– Electric-stoves heat up slower & the intensity of the heat is harder to control.
– It takes much longer for electric stove burners to heat up and cool down than with gas stoves.
– Its not easy to handle the stove temperature unlike that of a gas-stove that can be easily controlled.


All the featured electric range ovens & stoves are designed to ensure fast cooking, even-temperature baking and roasting of different foods in 2023.


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