Top 5 Best Steam Shower Enclosures & Cabins Reviewed in 2022:

Best Steam Shower Cabins.

A Steam Shower Enclosure or Shower Cabin is an all-in-one unit designed to offer you with a full steam sauna experience and bath. In fact, a shower-cabin is filled with humidifying steam that moisturizes your skin, clears airways, and reduces on stress levels for a perfect relaxation and rejuvenation of your body and mind.

Additionally, shower-cabins are usually equipped with great features like; body-jets, large overhead showers, Bluetooth, radio, color-lighting, handheld showerheads, touchscreen controls, chromotherapy lighting, seats, and a lot more.

So, Our team tested different Steam Shower Enclosures on the market today and came to agree that Pacifica Jetted Steam Shower Enclosure and Mesa 9090K Corner Steam Shower Cabin are the Best Steam Shower Cabins in 2022.


Review Of 5 Best Steam Shower Enclosures & Cabins To Buy In 2022:

#1-CHOICE: Pacifica Jetted Steam Shower Enclosure with Built-In Rainfall Shower Head & FM-Radio:

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  • A walk in steam shower.
  • Features a 3-KW Steam Engine.
  • Jetted Steam Shower Enclosure.
  • Has 6 Acupuncture Water Body Jets.
  • An Adjustable Handheld Shower Head.
  • Equipped with a Rainfall Shower Head.
  • A Built-In FM Radio for Entertainment.
  • Features a nickel interior control panel.
  • Features tempered blue glass on all sides.
  • It uses 220-volts & ETL Certified at 110V Optional.
  • Perfect as a stand-alone unit or a left hand side unit.
  • Has a sleek design that adds style and modern flare to any bathroom.


#2-CHOICE: Mesa 9090K Corner Steam Shower Cabin with Aromatherapy Technology:

Corner Steam Shower Cabin

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  • A Corner Steam Shower Cabin.
  • It features a built-in folding seat.
  • Dimensions of: 36″L x 36″W x 87″H.
  • Equipped with aromatherapy technology.
  • Perfect for both commercial & residential use.
  • The doors are made of durable & strong tempered glass.
  • A sleek design & curved tinted blue glass that is stylish and appealing.
  • It feature an elegant and functional handle, shower-spray, control-panel and seat.
  • A great 1-person steam shower cabin for any corner or free standing applications.
  • Equipped with sliding glass doors, chrome trim & a fold-up seat for additional space.
  • This corner steam shower enclosure features tinted blue glass and a nickel interior control panel.


#3-CHOICE: Generic Freestanding Rectangular Steam Shower Enclosure & Cabin:

Freestanding Rectangular Steam Shower Enclosure.

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  • A walk-in steam shower cabin.
  • Has a built-in 3KW steam generator.
  • An adjustable handheld shower head.
  • Features a spacious yet simple design.
  • Features 6 Acupuncture Water Body Jets.
  • Its a 220V ETL-certified shower enclosure.
  • Overall dimensions of: 47″W x 35″D x 87″H.
  • Its also equipped with a rainfall shower head.
  • Made of aluminum and tinted blue glass with an enclosed top.
  • Equipped with a hinged entry-door and a space-saving fold up seat.
  • It can be installed as a free-standing unit or corner-unit in a finished room.
  • It has a satin nickel exterior finishing (trim) and chrome interior hardware.


#4-CHOICE: Orion Steam Shower Enclosure with Body Massage Jets, Built-in Control Key Pad & FM Radio:

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  • A Built-in Control Key Pad.
  • Features 8 Body Massage Jets.
  • Includes 2 Removable Benches.
  • Features a Waterproof Shower Grid.
  • 2 person Steam & Shower Enclosure.
  • Dimensions of: 59″L x 32″W x 84″H.
  • Low Threshold 2.75″H Base included.
  • Equipped with an FM Radio & RCA Output.
  • 8″ wide water-drenching Rainfall Shower.
  • Chromotherapy LED multiple Color Lighting.
  • UPC Certified Thermostatic & Anti-scald Faucet.
  • Black Tempered Glass walls and front Clear Glass.
  • Circulation Fan for moving steam throughout the shower.
  • Includes; Accessory-Rack, Phone Hook-up, Hinged door, etc.
  • Power-supply: 20amp @ 220V & Steam-ready: 2-to-5 Minutes.
  • 3kW Quick heating Self-Draining Steam Generator with Steam Aromatherapy Cup.
  • Hand-held Shower with various water massage settings & adjustable height bracket.


#5-CHOICE: ARIEL WS-300 Steam Shower Cabin with Body Massage Jets:

Steam Shower Cabin with Body Massage Jets

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  • A steam shower cabin.
  • A built-in digital control panel.
  • It features 6 body massage jets.
  • Features a rainfall ceiling shower.
  • Features tempered glass all around.
  • Dimensions of: 48″L x 36″W x 85″H.
  • A 110V (ETL-Certified) Steam Sauna.
  • Its equipped with a 3Kw steam generator.
  • Designed to accomodate 1-person at a go.
  • Built-in heating limiter for safer hot-showers.
  • Includes a wall-mounted bench for extra comfort.
  • Its compact size makes it convenient for most bathrooms.
  • A computerized LCD control for setting temperature, time, jets, lights, and more.
  • It keeps the whole body relaxed by eliminating fatigue and boosting physical strength.
  • A high-speed & high-efficiency steam engine produces high temperature steam in a short time.
  • It features a sleek & contemporary design that will make any bathroom look modern and classy.
  • Provides you with a luxurious experience through a rainfall and handheld shower coupled with a steam sauna function.

Steam shower cabin and sauna

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

What is a steam shower cabin?

This is an all-in-one shower enclosure fitted with a generator that produces steam which turns the cabin into a wet sauna. In fact, these enclosures are designed to provide you with a spa or sauna treatment coupled with a regular shower while at home.

For how long should you sit in a steam shower?

Its recommended to use a steam shower cabin for not more than 30-minutes per session. However, if you experience any sort of discomfort at any moment, then consider getting out of the steam shower immediately.

Do steam shower rooms need plumbing?

Yes, a steam-shower will need plumbing, drainage, and electricity to operate. Additionally, the steam generator should be in a dry and well ventilated space.

Is a steam shower enclosure a good idea?

Yes, because steam-showers greatly improve on your physical and mental health. For example, they reduce on chronic stress, improve on skin-health, help you sleep better, are good for relaxation, alleviate congestion from colds & allergies, etc.

What is the price of a steam shower room?

Most steam shower units range from $1500 to $4000. In fact, simple entry-level cabins are cheaper while advanced bigger units are more expensive.

Can you use a steam shower everyday?

Yes, you can actually use your steam shower cabin daily for about 20-to-30 minutes. In fact, using this unit everyday for a healthy person should not pose any health risks.

Do steam showers use a lot of electricity?

No, steam shower units actually use much less energy to operate. In fact, it costs less than $2 for an average steam shower session.

Are steam shower cabins as good as saunas?

Yes, because a steam shower uses moist heat while a sauna uses dry heat. So, you will get more benefits from moist wet vapor of a steam-shower compared to the dry steam of a sauna.

What is the difference between a steam shower cabin and a regular shower?

A steam shower cabin is a multi-functional enclosure designed to provide you with a spa or sauna experience while a regular-shower only offers the basic function of showering using a showerhead and has no other great features.

Can a steam shower be used as a regular shower?

Yes, most steam shower cabins feature overhead showers or handheld showerheads that can be used for bathing purposes. So, you can actually use it as a regular shower when your busy or use it as a sauna/spa when you have enough time for relaxation.

How often should a steam shower cabin be maintained?

Its recommended to maintain a steam-shower-cabin for at least once a year. In fact, the maintenance routine must include checking the generators, seals, joints, nozzles, valves, and other delicate parts of the cabin.

Can a steam shower enclosure help asthma sufferers?

Yes, because the wet moist air in a steam shower will help to open-up and relax the airways allowing you to breathe much easily. In fact, the steam and vapor can penetrate much deeper into the lungs and this helps to treat or relieve various illnesses including asthma.

How often should you steam shower?

Consider using a steam shower for about 3-times per week. This will help to keep you healthy, relaxed and rejuvenated throughout the week.

Will a steam shower cabin make my skin healthier?

Yes, the hot-vapor will help to push toxins out through the skin resulting in a healthy and fresh skin with reduced bumps, pimples, and spots. Additionally, steam opens up the pores of your skin in-order to remove any impurities, dirt, oils, etc.

Advantages of steam shower cabins:

+ Promote skin health.
+ Help in opening up sinuses.
+ Boosts to the immune system.
+ Joint and muscle relaxation.
+ Help in clearing congestion.
+ Help to lower blood pressure.
+ Improves on your mental health.
+ Improved condition of skin and hair.
+ Integrated with controls for easy use.
+ Open your pores so as to cleanse the skin.
+ Features lights for targeted Chroma therapy.
+ Excellent treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.
+ Promote weight loss and increase on metabolism.
+ The heat of a steam shower increases your circulation.
+ Relief from physical joint/muscle pain and mental stress.
+ Sound system and speakers to pipe in your favorite tunes.
+ Aqua-pressure foot massager to complete your spa experience.
+ You can achieve total relaxation within a steam shower cabin.
+ Waterproof radio and phone hook-up so you never miss a call.
+ The steam in the shower deep cleanses your body inside and out.
+ Easier breathing if you have a cold or more serious respiratory conditions.
+ Extra shower-heads for more steam or a different kind of steam delivery.
+ The steam cleanses the skin from the inside to help remove acne, blemishes and leaves a healthier glow.

Disadvantages of steam shower cabins:

– These units are very expensive.
– They are costly to fix incase they get issues.
– The high humidity associated with steam showers provides a perfect environment for mold to grow.
– Can result in dehydration due to the high temperature. So, drink a lot of water before, during, and after using a steam shower.


All the featured computerized steam shower systems are designed o provide you with everything needed to achieve a luxurious shower and massage routine at your home or spa in 2022. In fact, if you have been looking for the best way to relax your body at any time of the day or night, then consider getting yourself any of these shower-systems.


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