5 Best Snow Globes Reviewed in 2023:

We tested different Snow Globes on the market today and came to agree that Bradford Exchange Harry-Potter Musical Glitter Globe and San Francisco Music Box Company Snowy Owl Snow Globe are the Best Unique Snow Globes for Adults & Kids in 2023.


Review Of 5 Best Snow Globes To Buy In 2023:

#1-CHOICE: Bradford Exchange Harry-Potter Musical Glitter Globe with Rotating Train & Movie Image Lights:

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  • Harry Potter Musical Glitter Globe.
  • The integrated train circles through tunnel.
  • This Musical Glitter Globe Measures: 7″H.
  • Handcrafted & hand-painted in precise detail.
  • Equipped with Rotating Train & Movie Image Lights Up.
  • Celebrate the magic of HARRY-POTTER with the Journey to HOGWARTS Glitter Globe.
  • With a gentle shake, a shower of magical glitter swirls around the school inside the globe.
  • Brilliant LED lights illuminate the windows of the fully-sculpted school for a spellbinding effect.
  • A sculptural recreation of the HOGWARTS™ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and its landscaping nestles inside this glass HARRY POTTER™ glitter globe.


#2-CHOICE: San Francisco Music Box Company Snowy Owl Snow Globe:

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  • Snowy Owl Snow Globe.
  • Exquisitely Designed Classic Snow Globe.
  • Depicts Prim White Owl Perched on Snowy Rock.
  • Built-In Mechanical 18-Note Music Player Chimes “Let it Snow” Upon Turnkey Windup.
  • Meticulous Owl Features Lifelike Detail & Texture with Stunning White Speckled Feathers.
  • Dome with Glittery Falling Snow Sits on Strong, Durable Resin Base with Faux Wood Finish.
  • This Lovely Collectible Makes an Ideal Keepsake or Charming Holiday Gift for Family or Friends.
  • Give the weighty glass orb a light shake and delicate flecks of snow gracefully shower the scene.


#3-CHOICE: Precious Moments Disney Showcase The Little Mermaid Sea Treasures Ariel Musical Snow Globe Waterball:

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  • Measures approximately: 6.75”H.
  • Offers a glimpse into Ariel’s treasure trove.
  • Dressed as Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.
  • This snow-globe plays the tune “Part Of Your World”.
  • This snow-globe is carefully crafted from resin, glass and it’s hand-painted.
  • It makes an impressive and memorable gift for birthdays, holidays or any special occasion.
  • Thoughtfully designed so you can turn your special moments into memories that last a lifetime.
  • Disney Showcase The Little Mermaid Sea Treasures Ariel Resin/Glass Musical Snow Globe Waterball.
  • Precious Moments girl looks upon a grotto of treasures with Flounder beside her and Sebastian looking on as well.
  • Fans of the Disney movie The Little Mermaid and Disney collectible gifts and home accents will truly appreciate the detail and craftsmanship of this glittering snow globe.


#4-CHOICE: Cairn Stacked Rocks & Cool Snow Globe:

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  • Cool Snow Globe.
  • Globe is attached to base.
  • Cairn Stacked Rocks Sculpture.
  • Measurements: 4.5″High x 4″Wide.
  • Very well finished for an amazing look.
  • Perfect for both formal & casual settings.
  • Graceful flakes dreamily float about when shaken.
  • Elegant piano-black resin base & resin interior scene.
  • Splendidly designed cairn (pile of stones) snow globe for cultivated room décor.


#5-CHOICE: Mr.Winder Carousel Snow Globe Music Box:

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  • 8 Horse Blue Snow-Globe.
  • Carousel Snow Globe Music Box.
  • It has a beautiful hand painted base.
  • Turn on the switch to see beautiful changeable color lights.
  • Beautifully detailed carving around the body of the music box.
  • Wind-up by turning the bottom spring to release and it starts rotating.
  • Exquisite workmanship with gorgeous hand carved top cover that looks very beautiful.
  • This dream carousel snow globe will play the mellow melody of “You are my sunshine”.
  • This snow-globe can also be used as an ornament on desks, table, cabinet cars or home décor.
  • Made of high-grade natural resin that is environmental, durable & multi-processed. The ball is made of glass.
  • As the tune plays, 3-horses in the water globe will rotate. The other 5 horses around the glass ball rotate contrary.
  • This cute carousel musical box will make a wonderful addition anywhere in your home-office, café-room, dorm, classroom, living-room, bedroom, party, teen girls room, apartment, etc.
  • This snow-globe can be gifted to wife, girlfriend, children, baby, mom, lovers, kids, friends or relatives on birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Wedding, Party, Anniversary, New-Year, Thanksgiving or other festival gift.

How To Make A Snow Globe With A Jar:

*Choose a theme: In case you want it to be Christmas-related, a snowman or pine tree might work. If it’s for a birthday, then try a small toy. For a personalized snow globe, try a heavily laminated photo that is glued to a cork or another base. However, make sure the figure is waterproof and fits on the jar lid and inside the jar. Also ensure that there’s a good flat surface to glue down the figure. Additionally, ceramic or plastic figures are good bets but you can also make your own figure out of sculping clay.

*Get high-quality jar: Any jar-size can work starting from a baby food jar to a spaghetti sauce jar to a large mason jar. However, make sure there are no cracks in the jar and it can be closed tightly. Additionally, test out the seal on your jar ahead of time by filling it with water, close it tightly and turn it over to ensure that nothing leaks out. Also wash your jar with hot, soapy water to remove any labels or glue remaining and make sure it’s totally dry before proceeding. Once you’ve got a figure and a jar, try placing it in different positions to figure out what looks best and which side you should glue down.

*Gather your project supplies: Besides a jar and a figurine, you will also need: Waterproof craft glue or epoxy, Glitter or fake snow, Bottled-water, Glycerin or baby oil.

*Position the figurine: Remove the lid from your jar and find where to place your figurine. In fact, model it in different positions and try the jar over top. Once you have found the right position, apply adhesive sealant to the bottom of the figurine and then press the figurine down onto the lid. Hold it for about 2-to-5 seconds depending on the size.

*Let the glue dry: Drying could take up to 24-hours but check your glue packaging for drying times. In fact, find where it won’t be disturbed when setting and make sure the figurine on your lid is nice and secure before proceeding.

*Fill your jar with water: Consider using bottled-water since it will be clearer. However, leave a little room at the top for glycerin, glitter and space for your figurine.

*Add the glycerin to the jar: Apply a few drops to about a teaspoon but depending on how big your jar is. However, glycerin is optional but it will let your glitter or “snow” fall down more slowly. Additionally, baby-oil can also accomplish the same results.

*Apply some glitter: Using plastic glitter, sprinkle 1-to-2 teaspoons into the water. However, you may want to use more for a bigger jar but don’t overdo it or your snow globe will look hazy. After, use a long-handled spoon to mix it well.

*Seal the jar lid: While keeping the glass jar right side up, place your lid onto the top of the jar and seal it. In case there’s any extra water, it might leak a little. Turn the jar over gently and see if there are any leaks. Also check for extra space at the top and turn the jar back over and add a little more water if needed. After, let it sit for a few days to make sure there are no slow leaks or problems. When you’re sure everything is good, you may want to glue your jar to shut it permanently with epoxy or hot glue.

*Shake the jar up: Gently shake your snow globe to enjoy your lovely craft. After, display it on a windowsill, bookshelf or anywhere else you’d like to show off your handiwork.


All the featured Snow Globes are very durable, colorful and feature beautiful hand-painting coupled with detailed carving designs that will make any room look great in 2023.


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