The 5 Best Smart Mirrors in 2023 – Top Rated Makeup Backlit Connected Mirrors:

What Is A Smart Mirror? A smart-mirror or virtual-mirror is a device designed to display the user’s own image on a screen that looks exactly like a mirror. In fact, some versions of smart-mirrors can display videos, images, weather-updates, news-updates, date and even tips on how to apply makeup. 

So, our team tested different Smart Mirrors on the market today and came to agree that B&C Lighted Smart Touch Bathroom Mirror and KOHLER Vanity Smart Mirror with Alexa are the Best Backlit Wi-Fi Connected Mirrors in 2023.


Review of 5 Best Smart Mirrors To Buy In 2023:

#1-CHOICE: B&C Lighted Smart Bathroom Mirror with Defogger, Dimmer & Memory:

Lighted Smart Bathroom Mirror.

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The B&C is a Smart Lighted Bathroom Mirror with Defogger, Dimmer, Memory and Touch-Switch. In fact, this is a copper-free mirror is made of float glass with polished edges for finger protection while the 5mm thickness ensures higher stability than thinner grades. In fact, this smart-mirror is 3-times durable than conventional mirrors and can be used high-humidity locations. On the other hand, this smart-mirror features upgraded led-lights that are brighter coupled with 58% wider LED strips than last generations for a better makeup experience. It also features a touch-switch for color changing and dimmer step-less with memory while the defogger function can be turned off separately.

Likewise, this smart-mirror is IP44-rated for safe use in bathrooms while its fine-aluminium frame ensures maximum reliability. This mirror can also be installed vertically or horizontally and can be used plugged-in or hardwired. Lastly, this smart-mirror features a temperature range of: 3000K-to-6000K and dimmer-range of: 5%-to-100%.


  • Smart Lighted Bathroom Mirror.
  • Hangs Vertically or Horizontally.
  • Its Plug-in or Wall Switch Ready.
  • A 5mm Copper free Silver Mirror.
  • Non-Copper Silver Backed Mirror.
  • LED-Lights saves up to 95% energy.
  • Power Supply Of: 110V-to-120V AC.
  • It can be used plugged-in or hardwired.
  • High Lumen LED Lights with CRI>95.
  • Fine Aluminium structure for reliability.
  • Its IP44-rated for safe use in bathrooms.
  • Simple and easy to assemble and install.
  • Wall Mounted Lighted Bathroom Mirror.
  • Long lifetime LED-Lights (30,000-Hours).
  • Equipped with an innovative defogger pad.
  • 58% wider LED strips than last generations.
  • Defogger function can be turned off separately.
  • Aluminum frame that is rust & corrosion-resistant.
  • Touch-switch for color-changing, dimmer with memory & On/Off.
  • Color temperature range: 3000K-to-6000K & Dimmer-range: 5%-to-100%.
  • Back-lit with 2835 LED-strips & 18-chips per feet for easy makeup & shaving.


#2-CHOICE: KOHLER Vanity Smart Mirror with Amazon-Alexa, Wi-Fi Connectivity & Speakers:

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The KOHLER is a Vanity Smart-Mirror with wi-fi and Amazon-Alexa wireless voice-control. This smart-mirror uses innovative technology to improve lighting quality while keeping you up-to-date with traffic and weather reports. In fact, the built-in Amazon Alexa enables you to use the functionality of voice control without adding extra clutter to your bathroom. Additionally, the lights of this mirror are voice-controlled and dimmable whereby they can be adjusted (up-to 1000 lux) to give you a better makeup application or grooming experience. Likewise, an automatic wayfinding light and a motion-sensing task light ensure your nighttime trips can be safer and less disruptive while the embedded-speakers can deliver high quality sound. On top of that, there are also manual-control for easy adjustment of sound volume or mirror brightness. Lastly, it features an anodized aluminum construction with a durable rust-free and chip-free finish.  


  • Smart WI-FI Vanity Mirror.
  • Microphone built-in for voice control interaction.
  • Smart Bathroom Vanity Mirror with Amazon Alexa.
  • High-efficiency LED achieves over 65-lumens/watt.
  • Integrated LED-bulbs have an estimated life expectancy of 36,000-hours.
  • Integrated stereo sound system fills the room with complete sound quality.
  • Manual-Controls for easy adjustment of sound volume or mirror brightness.
  • Anodized aluminum construction with a durable rust-free & chip-free finish.
  • Seamless integration of Alexa minimizes clutter & delivers optimal interaction.
  • 2200 lumen brightness ensures consistent lighting with no hot spots or dark spot.
  • Voice control of optimally bright task Lighting of: on/off, brightness & sound volume.
  • You can even make middle-of-the-night bathroom trips less disruptive with a motion-sensing night-light.
  • Greater than 90-CRI lets you see yourself in the truest light for makeup application, grooming & skin-care.
  • Alexa-enabled so you can ask to play music, hear the news, check weather, control smart home devices, etc.
  • Approximately 3000 kelvin light appearance delivers a neutral light ideal for overall bathroom aesthetics as well as tasks.
  • Dimmable LED lights that can be adjusted (up-to 1000 lux) to give you a better makeup application or grooming experience.


#3-CHOICE: DP Home Illuminated Smart Bathroom Mirror with Anti-Fog Function:

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This smart-mirror is equipped with a super-sensitive Touch Button so that you can easily turn on/off the light. In fact, this is a 3rd generation eco-friendly silver mirror that is copper free, anti-rust and provides 35% more clarity over conventional mirrors. Likewise, its also equipped with energy saving LED-lights with a lifetime of approximately 50,000 hours. Lastly, its ideal for make up and hair and will look great in any home, restaurants, spas, retail outlets, bars, commercial offices and hotels..


  • Large Horizontal Rectangle Mirror.
  • Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Mirror.
  • LED-Illuminated Backlit Smart Mirror.
  • 3rd generation eco-friendly silver mirror.
  • Perfect lighting for make-up, hair and shaving.
  • Modern bathroom LED illuminated vanity mirror.
  • Power Source Input Of: 100-to-264V @ 50/60HZ.
  • Easy-to-install with a crew mount option included.
  • Super-sensitive Touch Button for turning on/off light.
  • This LED smart-mirror is hardwired for easy installation.
  • Color-Temperature: 5500-to-6000K & Lumens: 5500LM.
  • Energy saving LED-lights with a lifetime of approximately: 50,000-hours.
  • Copper-free, anti-rust & offers 35% more clarity than conventional mirrors.
  • Features a frameless design that will pair easily with many decorative plans.
  • A sleek & streamlined design will add a touch of luxury & glamour to any room.
  • Perfect for use in: homes, restaurants, spas, retail outlets, bars, commercial offices & hotels.
  • Bright white-light is diffused behind a rectangular inset of frosted glass to project an even & flattering glow.


#4-CHOICE: Blossom Smart LED Mirror & Medicine Cabinet with Lights, Defogger & Dimmer:

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This is a Smart LED Mirror and Medicine Cabinet with Lights, Defogger, Dimmer & USB-Port. In fact, this ETL Certified LED Medicine Cabinet is simple and easy to turn ON/OFF coupled with adjustable brightness and change color temperature. On the other hand, the built-in defogger provides a fogless makeup-mirror with just one touch while the 3-levels of brightness include: 5%, 50% & 100%. On top of that, the color-temperature ranges from: 3000K-to-6000K so as to provide you with different light colors for different purposes. There is also LED-Light with a door switch sensor for instant lighting when you open the door. It also has features 3 adjustable 8mm thick tempered glass medicine cabinet shelves, built-in 20Amp dual outlet and USB-2.0 port for phone or shavers charging. On the other hand, the digital clock & temperature displays add a technological element and convenience to your bathroom while the smart memory function remembers your favorite settings. Lastly, the CRI 90+ light source reproduces high-quality task lights perfect for making-up coupled with an IP44 rated Anodized Aluminum Frame for extra durability.


  • Smart LED Mirror.
  • LED Mirror & Medicine Cabinet.
  • Recessed or Surface LED Mirror.
  • Simple and easy to turn ON/OFF.
  • Features a scratch-free painted finish.
  • ETL-Certified LED Medicine Cabinet.
  • Overall Dimensions: 5″L x 30″W x 32″H.
  • Grooved door edges & corners for safe use.
  • Built-in defogger for a fogless makeup time.
  • Adjustable Color Temperature & Brightness.
  • Equipped with 3 soft-touch & switch buttons.
  • 3-levels of brightness adjustment: 5%, 50% & 100%.
  • Smart memory function remembers your favorite setting.
  • IP44 rated Anodized Aluminum Frame for extra durability.
  • Mirror made of 5mm Copper Free Glass with Silver Coating.
  • Guaranteed 50,000-hours lifetimes & 100,000-times switch touch.
  • 3-adjustable 8mm thick tempered glass medicine cabinet shelves.
  • Mirrors on both sides of the door (interior walls & both side panels).
  • Built-in 20Amp dual outlet and USB 2.0 port for phone or shavers charging.
  • Features a 3-times amplified LED-Makeup mirror for super easy makeup tasks.
  • CRI 90+ light source reproduces high-quality task lights perfect for making up.
  • 170° wide-open soft close hinges offer strong support for medicine cabinet doors.
  • Surface mount medicine cabinet or recessed medicine cabinet with lights and outlet.
  • Color-temperature ranges from: 3000K-to-6000K for different light colors & purposes.
  • Inside LED-Light with door switch sensor that turns on light when the door is opened.
  • Copper-free silver medicine cabinet mirror prevents black edges in harsh bathroom environments.
  • Digital programming clock & temperature display adds a technological element & convenience to your bathroom.


#5-CHOICE: Keonjinn LED-Backlit Smart Mirror Bathroom with Dimmer & Anti-Fog Function:

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This is a Smart, LED-Backlit, Bathroom Vanity Mirror equipped with a Dimmer and Anti-fog function. In fact, the dimmer is controlled with power switch to change light intensity from normal to brightest. Additionally, both buttons have a memory function and its recommended to use the wall-switch to control the mirror light and defogger ON/OFF so as to save energy. Likewise, the power switch and anti-fog switch are separate controls while integrated LED-lights are durable enough to last for up to: 50,000-hours. On the other hand, this smart-mirror features a silvered reflection layer, its copper free & environmentally friendly coupled with an IP54 waterproof rating which ensures safe lighting in wet bathroom environments.


  • Lighted Smart Mirror.
  • Smart LED Back-lit Mirror.
  • Makeup Mirror with Lights.
  • Anti-Fog & Dimmer functions.
  • Features a silvered reflection layer.
  • Dimmer controlled with power switch.
  • Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity Mirror.
  • Both buttons have the memory function.
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally.
  • Its copper free & environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to install with screws and plug included.
  • Power-switch & anti-fog switch are separate controls.
  • Durable LED-Lights with a lifetime of: 50,000-hours.
  • IP54 waterproof rating ensures safe lighting in wet bathroom environments.
  • Use wall-switch to control mirror light & defogger ON/OFF so as to save energy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

What does a smart mirror do?

A smart-mirror can show you different kinds of information in form of widgets which include; weather, time, date, and news updates.

Do smart mirrors need electricity?

Yes, a smart-mirror needs to be connected to a power-source and that’s why you need to install it in a location near to a power outlet.

How much is a smart mirror?

A good smart-mirror will cost you anywhere between $150-to-$850 depending on the quality of materials and features it has. However, there are high-end smart mirrors that cost over $1000 and are equipped with advanced features like, music-systems, tv-functions, wi-fi, Alexa-control and a lot more.

Are smart mirrors worth it?

Yes, because they are equipped with several features that will let you check important information like; weather, time, news, and more as you prepare for the day in the morning. In fact, smart-mirrors are designed to add convenience to your daily routine.

What do you need to make a smart mirror?

Making a smart-mirror requires some simple items which may include; a one-way glass, monitor, Raspberry Pi, switch, cardboard, and cables to power your mirror. However, there also other basic tools you will need when assembling a smart-mirror. 

What technologies are used in a smart mirror?

Smart mirrors are built using different hardware-technologies which include; Temperature sensors, LEDs for illumination, LCD-Display for information, Wi-fi modules, Touch-sensors, Operating-system, and a lot more.

How do you make a smart mirror:

  • Cut the wood for the back frame.
  • Paint and assemble the back frame.
  • Attach the back frame onto the back of the picture frame.
  • Gently place a 2-way mirror into the frame while the bright-side is facing forward & dark-side at the back
  • After, install the monitor into a picture frame and cardboard. However, if the cardboard cut out is bigger than your monitor, then light can escape from the back through the mirror. So, use some tape over the edges to block the light if needed.
  • Attach the back strips in-order to secure the monitor. The first one is placed at the bottom of the monitor to support it’s weight and gets pushed in tightly and screwed into place. The second strip is placed about three-quarters of the way up against the back of the monitor to hold it up against the mirror tightly. In fact, each strip should be 1/4″ less wide than the outer frame to account for the cords passing over them in the back.
  • Assemble the Raspberry Pi: Begin by inserting a memory-card into the Pi and then place it into a plastic case. After, attach a power-cable, HDMI-cable, and USB-Ports. So, boot up the Pi for the first time and then install the operating system while following the on-screen instructions until the Pi boots up. However, incase you don’t have an extra monitor at home, its recommended to do this step prior to disassembling the other monitor.
  • Install & Customize Magic Mirror Software: To run your smart mirror, you will have to use a free piece of software called “Magic Mirror”. Install this software on Raspberry Pi but if you’re not familiar with programming, then this may seem very intimidating. After installing magic-software, you will actually be able to customize your mirror. In fact, the default setup has basic things like a calendar, clock, and weather but you can actually explore more customizations like; Play YouTube videos, Control with Alexa, Show what’s playing, Connect to Nest thermostat, Show Google Calendar, and a lot more.
  • Install electronics into the frame: After installing all the software, attach the 90-degree HDMI adapter onto the back of the monitor and then connect the HDMI cable to it. Afterwards, connect the power cable for the monitor and tuck it into the sides. Remove the Raspberry Pi from the plastic case and you will see 2 mounting holes at the bottom. Secure the Pi to the monitor and then crew the Pi case onto the back of the monitor with the single screw. This is actually a good opportunity to install the heat sinks and fan that come with the Pi kit in-order to keep it cool while it runs the Smart Mirror.
  • Cable Routing & Final Assembly: Finish by routing all the cables so that it looks nice and clean at the back. So, use a combination of a hot-glue gun and Velcro cable ties to secure all the cables tightly to the back of the frame. Hot glue the button pad to the back of the monitor for easy access. After, drill some vents in the sides of the back frame to promote airflow through the back.

Advantages of Smart Mirrors:

+ They can show weather, date, time, and news updates.
+ They can be used in any bathroom, kitchen or living-room.
+ Can be used to display class schedules & information that supports the learning process.
+ Can be connected and used with other bathroom smart-devices like; bidet toilet seats, smart-faucets, etc.
+ Most 5-star hotels use smart-mirrors high-end accommodations, This helps clients to stay updated at all times.
+ 2-way smart mirrors are used in movie-theatres to display trailers, commercials, food menus, and other important information.
+ They can be used in shopping-malls to promote different products by broadcasting them to increase crowd attention towards stores.
+ when used in clothing brand outlets, they will allow people to easily choose what suits them best by clicking on different looks in a number of outfits.

Disadvantages of Smart Mirrors:

– They tend to glare if positioned at an angle.
– Good quality smart-mirrors are a bit expensive.
– Require expert level skill to resolve any problems.
– They can also be a bit large which makes them not appropriate for small or compact spaces.

How To Clean Your Smart Mirror:

*Switch it Off: If your mirror has a switch, then consider switching it before you begin cleaning. this will help to protection it from water damage and also protect you from electric-shock as you clean it.

*Asses the condition of the smart-mirror: Depending on the location and use of your mirror, it may have accumulated some grime that requires specific cleaning agents to remove. In fact, limescale or calcium deposits are likely culprits and should be pre-treated before you tackle lesser stains.

*Gather all mirror cleaning materials: A microfiber cloth is a great way to prevent lint. Additionally, you should consider getting items like; bucket, cotton cleaning rag, water, rubbing alcohol & white vinegar.

*Prepare or get a mirror cleaning solution: You should consider using white-vinegar on a damp cloth to remove any grime or use lemon juice, pickling vinegar or lime juice to remove milky white deposit on the surface of your mirror.

*Pre-treat thick build-up & spots with rubbing alcohol: Wet your clean cotton rag with rubbing alcohol and then remove trouble spots one at a time. Do this fast since rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly.

*Wet the surface of your smart-mirror: Use another clean cotton rag by dampening it in the bucket containing your cleaning solution and then wring out additional moisture.

*Quarter your microfiber cloth for optimal use: Get your microfiber cloth and fold it in half vertically and horizontally. Begin cleaning your smart-mirror consider changing the cloth to opposite side when you notice that the side your using is getting dirty. Some people actually use bar towels for mirrors and glass.

*Clean the mirror from top-to-bottom: Pay close attention to cracks, crevices, or contours in your mirror because these are the places where dirt and grime build-up and escape unnoticed. By cleaning from top to bottom, you will prevent the appearance of drip marks. Angled-cuts, deep-corners & other embellishments can be effectively cleaned with a cotton swab or toothbrush. Never wipe your mirror in a circular motion for best results.

*Change your viewing angle to verify cleanliness & spot cleaning: A change in perspective might reveal a glob or streak that you missed while wiping down your mirror. Observe your mirror from multiple angles, and if you see any spots then apply a small amount of cleaner to your cotton rag, wring out remaining moisture thoroughly, spot clean the offending spot with your rag, dry and buff with a clean portion of your microfiber cloth.

*Finish up by letting your smart-mirror to dry out and then turn it back on. You will now achieve a crystal clear view of your mirror as you dress-up or do makeup.


All the featured smart-mirrors can display time, weather, calendar and a lot more as you prepare yourself in-front of them in 2023.


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