5 Best Lighted Medicine Cabinets in 2023:

A Lighted Medicine Cabinet is a storage-box that is usually located over the bathroom sink and its used to keep everyday products like; medicine, skincare and hygiene products. In fact, lighted cabinets are a great tool for enhancing illumination with the use LED or standard bulb lighting options.

On the other hand, most lighted medicine cabinets are equipped with LED Lights, Defoggers, Dimmers, Outlets, USB-Ports, durable aluminum frames, and recessed or surface mounting options for easy installation. In fact, they are often locked and placed high enough such that they can not be accessed by small children. Lastly, the additional light sources are useful in applying make-up, shaving and doing other delicate grooming tasks.

So, Our team tested different Lighted Medicine Cabinets on the market today and came to agree that Kohler Verdera Lighted Medicine Cabinet and Krugg LED Medicine Cabinet are the Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets in 2023.


Review Of 5 Best Lighted Medicine Cabinets To Buy In 2023:

#1-CHOICE: Kohler Verdera Lighted Medicine Cabinet:

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  • Lighted Medicine Cabinet.
  • Available in flexible frame sizes.
  • Features dimensions of: 30″H x 20″, 24″, 40″ W.
  • Made of Anodized aluminum for maximum durability.
  • Features long-lasting LED bulbs with up to 1300-Lumens.
  • Provides consistent lighting that eliminates dark & hot spots.
  • Dimmable LED lighting integrated into the door of the cabinet.
  • A vertically adjustable magnifying mirror on the inside of the door.
  • Pivoting side-mirrors allow you to direct light where you need it most.
  • A magnifying mirror located on inside of the door & adjusts vertically.
  • Internal shelf with integrated outlets to power & charge small devices.
  • Light designed to ensure optimal brightness & color for grooming tasks.
  • Integrated LED-bulbs have an estimated life expectancy of 59,000 hours.
  • An electrical-outlet included within the medicine cabinet for added convenience.
  • It can be surface-mounted or recess-mounted (Instructions and hardware are included).
  • A dimmer switch gives you even more control over your lighting & atmosphere of the room.
  • Triple mirror design provides superior visibility with mirrors on the front & back of the door as well as the back of the interior of the cabinet.


#2-CHOICE: Krugg LED Medicine Cabinet with Dimmer, Defogger & Makeup-Mirror Inside:

Krugg LED Medicine Cabinet with Dimmer, Defogger, Makeup-Mirror Inside & USB

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  • LED Medicine Cabinet.
  • A 3X Makeup Mirror Inside.
  • A Wall Mount Dressing Mirror.
  • Features an Outlet & USB-Port.
  • Equipped with Dimmer & Defogger.
  • Mounting-Type: surface or recessed.
  • It features a durable aluminum frame.
  • Recessed or Surface Mount Mirror Cabinet.
  • Perfect for shaving and makeup application.
  • Dimming the light saves up to 98% of energy.
  • It features an innovative defogger pad behind.
  • Overall Dimensions Of: 66″D x 36″W x 4.75″H.
  • The LED border produces a striking & modern glow.
  • The extreme right and extreme left cabinets are lighted.
  • The LEDs are 4.6 times brighter than standard mirror lights.
  • Provides unparalleled light dispersion on the face and body.
  • Active defogging technology ensures reliable optical clarity.
  • The wide-angle hinges provide freedom of motion and panorama.
  • Open the lighted section cabinet to reveal a full suite of amenities.
  • Its equipped with electrical and USB outlets for your convenience.
  • It allows for easy control of light levels with memory functionality.
  • The mirrored interior is illuminated automatically for a luxurious touch.
  • A safe, innovative defogger pad behind the mirror keeps it free from condensation.
  • Easy control of light-levels in-order to achieve the right ambiance, mood, and function.
  • This LED bathroom mirror can be installed on the walls of the bathroom or dressing room.
  • In the door, there is a 3X magnified, LED-lit mirror that is perfect for detailed makeup application.
  • The mirror features cabinets that open with three mirrored doors opening towards left, left & right.
  • It uses lights with a CRI of 90 or higher which are perfect at color rendering and make it suitable for make-up.
  • The 2+2 smart outlet contains two traditional outlets and two USB interfaces to keep beauty tools and a smartphone or tablet close at hand.
  • Effortless to use with a revolutionary touch-icon that is integrated into the mirror face for seamless on/off toggling and dimming with memory functionality.


#3-CHOICE: Blossom Recessed or Surface LED-Mirror Medicine Cabinet:

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  • 30″ LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet.
  • Features a scratch-free painted finish.
  • Has Interior walls & both side panels.
  • ETL Certified LED Medicine Cabinet.
  • Recessed or Surface Medicine Cabinet.
  • 3 levels of brightness: 5%, 50% & 100%.
  • Bathroom cabinet with mirror on all sides.
  • Features Mirrors on both sides of the door.
  • Adjustable Color Temperature & Brightness.
  • 5mm Copper-Free Glass with Silver Coating.
  • Grooved door edges and corners for safe use.
  • Features Defogger, Dimmer, Outlets & USB-Ports.
  • Features a Contemporary-style & Rectangle-Shape.
  • Smart memory function remembers your favorite settings.
  • IP44 rated Anodized Aluminum Frame for extra durability.
  • Built-in Defogger helps to eliminate fog when using the mirror.
  • 3 adjustable 8mm thick tempered glass medicine cabinet shelves.
  • Color-Temperature ranges from 3000K-to-6000K for different light colors.
  • Guarantees 50,000-hours of LED lifetime & 100,000-times of switch-touch.
  • CRI 90+ light source reproduces high-quality task lights perfect for making up.
  • Surface mount medicine cabinet or recessed medicine cabinet with lights & outlet.
  • Silver medicine cabinet mirror prevents black edges in the harsh bathroom environment.
  • Inside LED-Light with door switch sensor makes it a lighted medicine cabinet when you open the door.
  • 3 Soft Touch Switch makes it simple & easy to turn ON/OFF, adjust brightness & change color temperature.
  • High-end hardware brand BLUM 170° wide-open soft close hinges provide strong support for large medicine cabinet.
  • Built-in 20Amp dual outlet and USB 2.0 port for phone or shavers charging inside the bathroom mirror medicine cabinet.


#4-CHOICE: DECADOM LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet for Bathroom:

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  • An Integrated Digital Clock.
  • It requires Cri 90 LED Bulb.
  • Features LED Interior Lights.
  • Features a Full Mirror Defogger.
  • Features a Concealed Finger Door.
  • It is equipped with a Silver Mirror.
  • Features Dimmable Touch Buttons.
  • Features 8-mm Thick Glass Shelves.
  • It features a Dimmable 3-Color LED.
  • Made of Anodized Aluminum Material.
  • Provides Recessed or Surface Mounting.
  • A Blum Hinge 170° Swing with Soft Close.
  • Features a Dual Outlet and Dual USB Port.
  • Dual LED Cosmetic Mirror’s with 3X Zoom.
  • LED Mirror Medicine Cabinet for Bathroom.
  • This bathroom-cabinet IP-44 & IP-65.4 Rated.
  • This medicine-cabinet features a Light Sensor.
  • It comes with an Installation Kit for easy set-up.
  • The LED-lights feature a Color-Temp of: 6K-to-6.5K.
  • This Bathroom-cabinet Features Easy-OFF Side Mirrors.
  • LED Task Light with 3-settings of: Warm, neutral & Cool.


#5-CHOICE: Fine-Fixtures Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with LED-Lighting:

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  • Bathroom Medicine Cabinet.
  • Features a frameless pencil edge.
  • Aluminum Lighted Medicine Cabinet.
  • Recessed/Surface Mount Installations.
  • Dimensions Of: 30″L x 30″W x 5.2″H.
  • Mirrored sides provide superior visibility.
  • Features a blue lighted touch on/off button.
  • Grooved all around for clean & easy access.
  • Soft closing hinges at 95-degrees opening angle.
  • LED lighting strips & seamless mirrored surface.
  • Easy installation & all mounting hardware is included.
  • Features a sleek design that opens-up for extra storage.
  • LED-Lights have an estimated life expectancy of 36,000-hours.
  • Brightens at 22 Lumens in Warm White color at 3500k (14.4W/M).
  • LED task lighting integrated to the front & inside top of the cabinet.
  • Mirror must be hardwired & wiring comes out from the top right of cabinet.
  • Adjustable ¼-inch tempered glass shelves offer additional bathroom storage.
  • Constructed from high quality anodized aluminum with a durable nonrusting & chip-free finish.
  • Easily accommodates your essential toiletries & bath-items like; soaps, shampoos, toothpaste & makeup.
  • Mirrored front door, back door & mirrored rare-wall adds beauty & elegance to any bathroom or vanity décor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

What should you store in a medicine cabinet?

Some of the items that you can always store in medicine-cabinet include; toothbrushes, first aid kit, digital-thermometer, Tweezers & nails-clippers, samples & travel packs, perfumes, toothpaste, aftershaves, disposable-razors, electric-shavers, medicine-supplies, ointments, etc.

What size of medicine-cabinet should I buy?

You should get a medicine cabinet that is narrower or the same width as the vanity. Additionally, get a size that offers clearance above the faucet and below the lights.

Are medicine cabinets out of style?

No, recessed and beautifully framed medicine cabinets with LED-lighting are actually a great way of maximizing storage and even pair beautifully with floating vanities.

What is the standard depth of a medicine cabinet?

The standard depth of a medicine cabinet is about 4-inches although some manufacturers offer 6″ and 8″ depth cabinets. In fact, your storage needs and capabilities greatly influence the depth of a cabinet.

Why are medicine cabinets installed in the bathroom?

Because medicine cabinets provide extra convenience and concealable storage for everyday items like; medicine, Q-tips, toothpaste, shaving-products, and alot more.

Should a medicine cabinet be the same size as vanity?

A medicine cabinet should be narrower or the same width as your vanity. So, always get a medicine cabinet with a size that provides clearance above the faucet and below the lights.

How high above the sink should a medicine-cabinet be?

The standard distance of a medicine-cabinet from the sink should be about 72-inches. So, adjust the cabinet height so that you can see at least your face and shoulders. Additionally, ensure that the cabinet is at level and plumb against the wall studs.

What are the different types of medicine cabinets?

There are 2 types of medicine cabinets which include: recessed-cabinets and surface-mount cabinets. In fact, surface-mount cabinets have a bigger presence in the room than recessed cabinets.

What is the difference between recessed and surface mounting?

Recessed-mounting involves installing a medicine-cabinet inside the wall into a rectangular frame. In fact, the framing must be clear of all obstructions. Additionally, recessed-cabinets have a built-in appearance, look sleeker and usually have deeper shelves than surface mount models.

Surface-mounting involves installing a medicine-cabinet by attaching it directly onto the wall. This Process actually avoids moving any plumbing or electrical lines that may be in the wall behind it.

Where should I place a medicine-cabinet in the bathroom?

Whether the cabinet is surface-mounted or recessed into the wall, it should be installed just above the sink or above any other vanity drawers or tables in the bathroom. Additionally, a medicine cabinet should also be placed in a cool, dry and dark position in-order to avoid altering the characteristics and properties of the medicine stored. It should also be installed out of reach of children. Lastly, a medicine-cabinet will help to keep everyday bathroom items that you use while ensuring easy access.

Where can I store medicine if I don’t have a medicine cabinet?

A storage-bin, spice-rack, and clear-bin are a great way for storing prescription medications, medical supplies, and first aid supplies in case you don’t own a medicine-cabinet.

How can I organize my bathroom without a medicine cabinet?

  • Get counter organizer.
  • Use the space over the toilet.
  • Place a mini shelf over the faucet.
  • Hang a magnet board for beauty items.
  • Consider using storage-container to keep your items.

Advantages of a medicine cabinet:

+ Provide more storage space.
+ They provide easy-to-reach storage.
+ Lighted medicine cabinets offer superior functionality.
+ They make your bathroom look more appealing & beautiful.
+ Provides a discreet way to store small toiletries & medications.
+ They are available in various styles & designs to meet your needs.
+ Increased home value for people planning to sell their houses in the future.
+ It keeps your personal items organized and less accessible to small children.
+ Provide different ways of installation which include; recessed and surface mounting.
+ A medicine cabinet adds a practical storage option without taking up valuable floor or counter space.
+ Including a medicine cabinet in your home improvement plan is a great way of boosting your home’s value.
+ It provides the convenience & organization you need thus eliminating clutter in your bathroom spaces.
+ Some cabinets have 3X magnification makeup mirrors and specialized storage for various accessories.
+ Easily accessible bathroom cabinets can increase on the speed and efficiency of your morning and bedtime routines.
+ You can easily store your cosmetics, razors, metal-tweezers, and other daily grooming products in a medicine-cabinet.

Disadvantages of a medicine cabinet:

– Some larger items may not fit into most medicine-cabinets.
– Good-quality lighted medicine cabinets are a bit expensive.
– Most medicine-cabinets can be shallow which limits what can go inside.
– Plastic medicine cabinets may lack durability and are less rigid. So, always consider getting a wooden & mirrored cabinet.
– A recessed cabinet is more labor intensive to install than a wall-mounted cabinet. In fact, you will need a carpenter & plumber while installing some recessed cabinets.

How To Install A Bathroom Medicine Cabinet:

*Scan the wall using a stud finder: First of all, you need to use a stud finder to locate your wall’s studs and then mark the locations of the studs with a pencil. Bathroom walls can conceal pipes and electrical wires, so you should consider taking caution if a stud finder identifies any other objects behind the drywall.

*Hold the medicine cabinet in place & make sure it’s leveled: Position the medicine-cabinet at a height accessible to your household members. This position is usually 72″ from the floor to allow for easy accessibility. After, adjusting the cabinet-height according to your needs, place a level at the top of the cabinet to make sure it’s straight then use a pencil to trace the top and bottom outlines of the cabinet. Additionally, having a helper to hold the cabinet in place for you will make the job easier. You should also consider lining-up the cabinet with studs for the best support.

*Open the cabinet door & mark the installation holes: With the cabinet still held in place, open the door and make sure it’s free of any obstructions. After, locate the installation holes at the rear of the cabinet then use a pencil to mark the holes on the supporting wall.

*Start drilling the pilot holes: Put aside the cabinet in a safe place and then begin drilling pilot holes into the pencil marks you made on the wall that line up with the cabinet’s installation holes. Additionally, if you weren’t able to line the installation holes up with the wall studs, insert plastic anchors into your pilot holes.

*Position the cabinet & fasten the screws to secure it tightly: You will now position the cabinet back on the wall so that the installation holes are lined-up with the pilot holes. Drive screws into each hole to secure the cabinet to the wall. Additionally, some cabinets come with washers or plastic bits to conceal the screws once they’re fastened. Likewise, check your cabinet’s installation guide for specific information or any other included hardware.


All the featured lighted medicine cabinets are wall-mountable, blend seamlessly with any décor and are suitable for use in most bathroom and powder room layouts in 2023.


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