5 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs Reviewed in 2023:

Our team tested different Inflatable Hot Tubs on the market today and came to agree that Intex PureSpa Inflatable Spa and Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Outdoor Hot-Tub are the Best Inflatable Portable Spas in 2023.


Review Of 5 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs To Buy In 2023:

#1-CHOICE: Intex PureSpa Inflatable Hot Spa:

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  • An Inflatable Hot Spa.
  • Seating capacity of: 6-people.
  • A Water capacity of: 290-gallons.
  • It will bring the feel of luxury to any space.
  • Built-in hard-water-system softens the water.
  • It ensures superior and long-lasting durability.
  • Made with an innovative Fiber-Tech Construction.
  • A carry bag is provided for easy storage and transportation.
  • A Water temperature range of: 68-to-104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Approximate inflated inner/outer diameter: 65” /85” & height: 28”
  • The heating system adjusts to fit your personal temperature preference.
  • An insulated cover and lock is included to minimize heat loss & provide an added safety feature.
  • Provides simple maintenance with 2 easy-to-replace filter cartridges for clean refreshing spa water.
  • Fiber-Tech Construction comprises of thousands of high-strength polyester fibers for enhanced comfort, stability, and support.
  • The Fiber-Tech Construction and the puncture-resistant 3-ply laminated material provide the ultimate comfort, support & durability.
  • An easy-to-use control panel activates the 140 high-powered bubble jets surrounding the interior of the spa for a refreshing massage.
  • Includes: spa, insulated cover, heating/filtration/air blower, hard water system, two filter cartridges, thermal ground cloth, inflation-hose, carry-bag, floating chlorine dispenser & 3-way test strips.


#2-CHOICE: Coleman SaluSpa 4 Person Portable Inflatable Outdoor Square Hot-Tub Spa:

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  • Outdoor Square Hot-Tub Spa.
  • Dimensions of: 71″L x 71″W x 28″H.
  • 4-Person Portable Inflatable Hot-Tub.
  • A heat-range of: 40-to-104 degrees F.
  • Feature a water-flow-rate of: 320-GPH.
  • Cushioned floor with convenient drain valve.
  • Uses a 3-prong plug & 110/120-volts of power.
  • Water capacity: 177-gallons (80-percent filled).
  • Rapid heating system & integrated water filtration.
  • TriTech 3 ply inflated walls for durability & comfort.
  • 2 easy-lift handles to help move the spa pool (when empty).
  • Heats up quickly to a soothing 104-degrees with 114 surrounding air-jets.
  • Reinforced cover with safety lock clips & built-in air chamber for insulation.
  • Heating & bubbling work together to provide a comfortable massage experience.
  • Includes: 1 pool-liner, 1 pool-cover, 1 spa-pump, 1 chemical-floater, 2 filter-cartridges (VI), 1 repair-patch, 1 AirJet-system & 6-foot long cord.


#3-CHOICE: Intex PureSpa Plus Round 6-Person Portable Inflatable Hot Tub:

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  • Round Inflatable Hot Tub.
  • Equipped with Bubble Jets.
  • Features Built in Heater Pump.
  • 6-Person, Portable Inflatable Hot Tub.
  • Easy-to-use, tilt-adjustable control panel.
  • It can be deflated for easy storage or transport.
  • Fast to setup & ready for water in about 20-minutes.
  • Adjustable water-temperature up to 104-degrees F (40C).
  • 170 soothing high-powered jets that provide an ultimate spa experience.
  • Built-in hard water treatment system makes water gentler on your skin, clothes & spa-system.
  • Includes insulated cover, heater, filter, blower, hard water system, multi-colored LED light, 2 filter-cartridges, 2 headrests, thermal ground cloth, inflation-hose, carry-bag, floating chlorine dispenser & test-strip.


#4-CHOICE: Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot-Tub Spa:

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  • Inflatable Hot Tub Spa.
  • Simple setup and maintenance.
  • Easy-to-operate digital control panel.
  • Features lift handles for easy moving around.
  • Easy to inflate and deflate with the included pump.
  • Cushioned Air Pad Floor which sits underneath the spa.
  • Comes with a pump & ChemConnect chemical dispenser.
  • Jets project bubbles to massage your back, neck & shoulders.
  • Adjustable water temperature (up to 104-degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Adjustable pressure of the jets for a customized spa experience.
  • This spa deflates compactly for optimal storage & transportation purposes.
  • Made of durable PVC material & I-beam construction for superior strength & stability.
  • A power saving timer to automate the temperature of the spa up to 72 hours prior to save energy.
  • A cover with extra safety feature to maintain the water’s warm temperature & prevent debris from getting in the tub.
  • This spa’s inflatable walls are made of durable, puncture-resistant, UV-resistant Tritech material to prevent damage & retain its shape.


#5-CHOICE: LH Double Folding Inflatable Bathtub:

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  • Made of high quality PVC.
  • Double Folding Inflatable Bathtub.
  • A Multi-Purpose Bucket Bath Barrel.
  • Features a 3-Layer Thickening Backrest.
  • Drainage hole design for rapid drainage.
  • Its very light and portable to save space.
  • Soft, comfortable, environmentally-friendly & odorless.
  • Bubble bottom design effectively isolates the water from the ground making pedals more comfortable.

How To Drain An Inflatable Hot Tub:

*Connect the hose to the water bib: A bib is a faucet on the side of your house. So, put the open end into the hot tub and start filling the hot tub. This will help to fill the hose with water completely for minimal air bubbles in the line.

*Turn off the water at the hose bibb: After getting the flow into the tub, turn off the water at the hose bibb. However, keep the hose-end in the hot-tub submerged.

*Bend a kink into the hose for some feet below the connection to the hose bibb: This will actually help to seal the water inside the hose.

*Disconnect the hose from the faucet: After disconnecting the hose, you will have to hold the kink in the hose until you get the tail-end just below the level of the hot tub. This helps to bring gravity into play.

*Select a location where you want the water to go: After you’ve got the end you’re holding below the level of the hot tub, select a location for where you want the water to go but let the end of the hose un-kink. The water will start flowing because the water-pressure in the hot tub essentially pushes the water out the hose since the open end of the hose is lower than the level of the water in the hot tub. Additionally, because the hose was full of water, the water inside the hose creates suction at the end inside the tub which pulls the water over the edge and flows down the line.

*Remove an remaining water: After draining out most of the water, wipe down and dry the hot tub using a microfiber towel. If you have an inflatable hot-tub, then deflate it and store it as recommended by the manufacturer.


All the featured inflatable Hot Tubs and spas are very comfortable, will massage your back, neck & shoulders and can be used indoor or outdoor in 2023.


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