Best Hair Mascaras & Root Touch Ups in 2024:

Hair mascara is a product used to temporarily change the color of small sections of hair and to touch-up roots. In fact, most women love using hair-mascara because it makes them look young, flashy and amazing at all times.

So, Our experts tested different Hair Mascaras on the market today and came to agree that Temptu Air Barber Pro Kit and COLOR WOW Root Cover Up are the Best Hair Root Touch Ups in 2024.


Review Of 5 Best Hair Mascaras & Root Touch Ups 2024:

#1-CHOICE: Temptu Air Barber Pro Kit:

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Temptu Air Barber Pro Kit has been combined with their Airbrush root touch-up and hair color to soften the re-growth of hair, cover grey hair, and refresh hair roots. In the end, you are promised touchable and natural-looking hair. It also features a patented Airpod Pro that is effective at providing luminous, customizable coverage, soft-focus finish, staying power, and pro-performance with a more simplified and hygienic look. This all-in-one set will improve haircuts not only for the graying people but everyone by filling in their hairlines, refreshing color quickly, and defining edges.


  • Covers grey hair.
  • Brown/black color.
  • Refreshes the roots.
  • Softens hair re-growth.
  • Airbrush and airpod system.
  • Fills in beard or thinning hair.


#2-CHOICE: COLOR WOW Root Cover-Up & Concealer:

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Looking for thicker and fuller hair?! This COLOR WOW Root Cover-Up & Concealer lets you easily cover all the grey or dark roots seamlessly without any form of peroxide. All you have to do is press it into the hair and it won’t create any messes with its precise mineral powder that quickly adheres to the hair. It features a water-resistant formula that will not be washed away as you are sweating, sleeping, or even swimming. Additionally, this hair mascara and root touch-up are created with a multiplicity of pigments and reflective particles that will mix seamlessly and look naturally dimensional all the time.


  • Wax and dye-free.
  • Water-resistant formula.
  • No sticky or stiff residues.
  • Available in up to 8 shades


#3-CHOICE: Style Edit Root Touch Up & Hair Color:

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This Style Edit Root Touch Up & Hair Color binding powder is all you will ever need to cover entirely all the gray roots. It is a lightweight hair product that will deliver temporary coverage to any form of unwanted gray roots. At the end of the day or week, you can just simply use shampoo to wash it off and no worries about flyaway or dusting. This perfect cover-up is suitable for both women and men to use at home. Finally, it provides flawless results to all hair types.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy application.
  • Binding powder.
  • Semi-permanent.
  • Shampoo removable.
  • Color binding complex.
  • For all hair types and textures.


#4-CHOICE: Rita Hazan True Color Conditioner For Color Treated Hair:

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Rita Hazan True Color Conditioner has been specifically designed for color-treated hair or hair damaged by coloring. It works by richly hydrating hair without weighing it down or creating a thick layer on the surface.  Additionally, its Camelia oil will protect your hair color while leaving each strand manageable and silky. Furthermore, this hair root touch-up will protect against any environmental damages while strengthening hair and preventing it from breakage.


  • Japanese Camellia oil.
  • Botanical surfactants.
  • Moringa seed extract.
  • For both men and women.
  • Lightweight at only 250 ml.
  • Proprietary UV Protection Complex.
  • Richly hydrates and conditions hair.


#5-CHOICE: Style Edit Root Cover Up Stick-Instant Root Concealer:

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In as little as 3 seconds only, all your roots will be covered up using this Style Edit Root Cover-up Stick-Instant Root Concealer. It features color-adaptive pigments ideal for all hair types and textures and will work effectively while smoothly adhering to hair fibers for a flawless finish. This product does not provide permanent hair dying but will last on the hair for days and when you need to remove it, just use shampoo and it will come off. Lastly, we admire the fact that this brown hair dye will not flake and quickly dries after application.


  • Medium brown color.
  • Instantly conceals hair.
  • For all hair types and textures.
  • Temporary gray hair concealer.
  • No stickiness and harsh ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do you apply mascara into hair?

  • Wash & dry your hair: Begin by washing your hair with a good moisturizing shampoo, rinse it and then allow it to dry properly before applying any hair mascara.
  • Gently brush your hair: When the hair is dry, brush through it to remove any tangles. Use a long-handle brush to detangle your hair until it achieves a smooth surface that is perfect for applying mascara.
  • Carefully style your hair: Applying mascara on untied hair will actually disturb you during the application process. So, consider styling your hair first or use a hairband to tie the hairs. However, if you don’t style your hair first, then you will have to wait to style it until the mascara dries up.
  • Separate hair into portions: Separate a portion of hair where you want to apply the mascara. With the help of your thumb and index finger, hold the portion you want and separate it. However, make sure that the hair is separated from the upper layers.
  • Apply the Mascara: Apply mascara using a wand and begin by putting on mascara from the roots of your hair. Apply it gently in a downward motion while making sure each strand of any specific portion of hair is covered completely. When the first portion is done, pick another portion and start applying the mascara again.

How long does hair mascara stay in hair?

It depends on the type of mascara you’re using. In fact, most hair-mascaras will fade away gradually every time you rinse your hair. Likewise, some mascaras are made to leave your hair at the first wash.

Advantages of hair mascara:

+ Good for covering hair roots.
+ Used to add highlights in hair.
+ Help to tame hair flyaways and frizz.
+ A quick & easy way to cover gray hair.
+ Keep hair moist, shiny and looking good.
+ Provide a natural vibrant color for healthy & younger looking hair.

Disadvantages of hair mascara:

– Impacts your hair growth.
– May change your hair texture.
– May Cause excessive split ends.
– It may cause breakage of hair strands.
– Excessive chemical treatments weaken hair.
– May damages the strength of hair follicles.
– May cause irritation or flaking of the skin.
– Some mascaras cause excessive dryness to hair & scalp.


All the featured hair mascaras and root concealers are formulated to cover up grey strands and tame hair while keeping it healthy in 2024.


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