5 Best Corner Bathtubs Reviewed in 2022:

“Our team reviewed different Corner Bathtubs on the market today and came to agree that Ariel Platinum Corner Acrylic Whirlpool Tub and MCP 2-Person Luxury Massage Corner Bathtub are the Best Bathtubs in 2022”.


Review Of 5 Best Corner Bathtubs To Buy In 2022:

#1-CHOICE: Ariel Platinum Corner Acrylic Whirlpool Tub with Center Drain, Drain Assembly & Overflow:

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  • Corner Acrylic Whirlpool Tub.
  • Heated whirpool Corner Bathtub.
  • Chrome faucet & drain fixtures are included.
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers & onboard FM radio.
  • Tub constructed with a durable acrylic & fiberglass.
  • LED chromotherapy lighting offers additional serenity.
  • Drain-Location: Center & Installation-Type: Corner Tub.
  • Equipped with hydro-massage jets to target pressure points.
  • Blower Motor Voltage: 110V & Blower Motor Amperage: 23.7.
  • An ultra-quiet variable speed blower allows you to adjust the water-flow intensity to 6 different levels.
  • Water-Depth: 16-1/2″ (depth of water at tub’s maximum capacity) & Maximum Water Capacity: 119-gallons.
  • Overall-Height: 32″ (top of tub rim to the bottom of basin), Overall-Width: 59″ (back most to front most point on outer rim), Overall-Length: 59″ (left most to right most point on outer rim).


#2-CHOICE: MCP 2-Person Luxury Massage Hydrotherapy Recessed Corner Bathtub with Bluetooth, Remote-Control & Water-Heater:

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  • 2-Person Corner Bathtub.
  • 100% Factory Sealed and tested.
  • Measurements: 60″L x 60″W x 30.5″H.
  • Interior Chromatherapy Color LED-Light.
  • 8-Ohm/15W Speakers Installed with Bluetooth.
  • Comes with 2 Soft Waterproof Headrest Pillows.
  • Ozone-Generator automatically cleans inside pipes.
  • All wiring and plumbing is pre-installed and tested.
  • Rust-proof Stainless Steel Frame & Adjustable Legs.
  • There is an air adjustment knob to control the strength.
  • Power Requirements: AC 110V/60Hz @ 2600W (Total-wattage).
  • Luxury Massage Hydrotherapy Recessed Corner Whirlpool Tub.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth, Remote-Control & Inline Water Heater.
  • Approvals: CE, FCC, ROHS, SGS (UL Approved LX Series Pumps).
  • 1500 Watt Inline Water Heater maintains the water temperature in the tub.
  • Installation by a licensed contractor/plumber is required or recommended.
  • Made of Thick High Quality USA Sourced Acrylic with a Recessed design.
  • Remote-Control, Shower-Wand, faucets, incoming hot/cold flexible lines, pop-up drain kit, flexible drain line & power-cord are included.
  • Features: Bluetooth control-panel, 1HP Water-Pump, 300-Watt Air Pump, 19 Total Jets, 4 (3.5″) Hydrotherapy Water-Jets, 6 Standard Water-Jets, 8 Bottom Air-Bubble Jets & 1 Ozone-Jet.


#3-CHOICE: DP-HOME Fan-Shaped Corner Whirlpool Tub with Double Pillows:

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  • A 2-Person Corner Bathtub.
  • Corner Bathtub with Double Pillow.
  • Dimensions of: 61″L x 61″W x 24″H.
  • Fan-Shaped Back to Wall Whirlpool Tub.
  • Suitable for placement in the corner of the bathroom.
  • Includes: Faucets, 2 pillows & drainer with hand wheel.
  • Made of reinforced acrylic material for maximum durability.
  • Massage function with: 1P UL motor, 6 big-jets & 2 small-jets.


#4-CHOICE: Atlantis Corner Whirlpool Jetted Bathtub with Adjustable Water-jets:

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  • Corner Whirlpool Jetted Bathtub.
  • Molded seat provides comfort and safety.
  • Overall Dimensions: 71″L x 63″W x 24″H.
  • This bathtub is powered by a 0.75HP pump.
  • Center drain with right side pump placement.
  • Features 8 directional and adjustable water jets.
  • This bathtub is pre-leveled for easy installation.
  • Designed to ensure a consistent water jet stream.
  • Contemporary design that will compliment any bathroom.
  • High gloss white finish with matching jet faces and buttons.
  • Interior of tub features a triangular shape & has a molded-in seat.
  • Solid, one-piece, acrylic construction with non-porous surface for easy cleaning & sanitizing.
  • Features a classic, corner tub design with an oval opening that will fit perfectly into any bathroom design setting.


#5-CHOICE: ARIEL Platinum Whirlpool Bathtub with Hydro-Massage Jets & Adjustable Air-Bubble Infusion:

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  • 2-person capacity bathtub.
  • Corner Whirlpool Bathtub.
  • Designed for total relaxation.
  • Water-Capacity Of: 82.4-Gallons.
  • A 1.5-HP motor powers the jet system.
  • Dimensions Of: 61.2″L x 61.2″W x 29.3″H.
  • Sleek design will compliment any bathroom style.
  • Hydro-Massage System targets body aches and sore areas.
  • Hydro-Massage with 15 Whirlpool-Jets & Adjustable Air-Bubble Infusion.
  • Includes: polished chrome faucet, fixtures, handheld showerhead and drain.
  • Multi-level basin allows for maximum comfort and ergonomic body support.
  • Deep bathing wells and hydro-massage jets allow you to recharge & unwind.
  • Classic corner design will make this bathtub the centerpiece of your bathroom.
  • Crafted from acrylic and fiberglass with a glossy finish to maximize durability & easy maintenance.

How To Thoroughly Clean A Corner Bathtub:

*Thoroughly wash away any grit & hair: If you have a removable shower head, then consider using it to spray around the tub in-order to wash away any debris. On top of that, you may also use a cup or small bucket to pour water around the bathtub. On the other hand, if there is a lot of hair and debris in your bathtub, then consider wiping it away with a paper towel before you rinse the tub using your shower head. This helps to prevent accidentally clogging up your drain.

*Consider using a grapefruit and salt scrub: The acid in the grapefruit combined with the abrasiveness of the salt helps to scrub away grime while leaving your bathroom smelling like citrus. So, cut a grapefruit in half and then cover the open half with salt. Afterwards, sprinkle some salt on wet bathtub and then start scrubbing with the grapefruit as you release the juice. When your are done with scrubbing, rinse away any salt and pulp using clean water.

*Use a vinegar spray to clean your tub: Vinegar is slightly acidic and it will help to remove any bacteria and stains. So, get a clean spray bottle and add 1-cup of vinegar and 1-cup of water then shake vigorously. Afterwards, spray the mixture on your tub and use a sponge to scrub it down. finish by rinsing away the vinegar with clean water.

*Try using baking-soda paste: Baking-soda paste works well on rust stains but can also be used as a general cleaner. To make this paste, add water to the baking soda until it forms a paste-like substance then use a sponge to apply the paste to the areas you want to clean. Scrub the paste into the surface of the tub to help remove any stains then finish by rinsing with clean water.

*Consider using borax and lemon: This mixture works well on removing hard stains. So, dust the stain with borax then cut a lemon in half and rub it on the stain. Let the mixture stay on for at least 15-minutes and after wash it off using clean water.

*Use a commercial cleaning product: If your corner bathtub is very dirty, then consider using a commercial product. However, some chemicals are harsh and will require you to put on gloves to protect your skin. Additionally, apply the cleaning-product as directed by the manufacturer for best results.

*Consider practicing daily bathtub cleaning: If you clean your corner bathtub every time you shower, it wont get any buildup over time. So, use a shower-head to sprinkle the tub with warm water while washing away any dirt. Finish by wiping away any water with a towel or sponge.


All the featured Corner Bathtub Tubs are equipped with some of the best functions in-order to provide you with the most amazing bathing and soaking experience in 2022.


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