5 Best Cordless Drills in 2022 – Top Rated Drills and Driver Kits Fully Reviewed:

“We Fully tested and reviewed different Cordless Drills for commercial and home use and came to agree that Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX  and BLACK & DECKER BD4KITCDCRL 20V MAX are the Best Cordless Drills to get in 2022″.



1ST-CHOICE: Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion Drill – Check Price Here:

  • Compact & lightweight design,
  • High-performance motor (300-UWO),
  • High-speed transmission,
  • 2-speeds (0-450 & 1,500 rpm),
  • 1/2-inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck, Ergonomic handle, Rechargeable-battery.

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2nd-CHOICE: Black & Decker BD4KITCDCRL 20V MAX Drill – Check Price Here:

  • 11-position clutch,
  • LED work light,
  • High-torque motor,
  • 20V max battery-system,
  • Compact & lightweight design,
  • Cordless Reciprocating-Saw & Circular-Saw.

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3rd-CHOICE: Makita XFD10Z 18V LXT Lithium-ion Compact Cordless Drill – Check Price Here:-

  • 4-pole motor & Variable 2-speeds,
  • Lightweight & Compact-design,
  • 18V Compact Lithium-Ion battery,
  • Fastest charge time,
  • Rubberized soft grip and Tool Case.

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4th-CHOICE: Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill – Check Price Here:-

  • 6Lightweight & Compact,
  • LED-light, Fuel-gauge,
  • Variable-speed trigger,
  • 2-Speeds, 20+1 torque-settings,
  • 3/8-inch single-sleeve chuck,
  • Soft grip handle,
  • Electronic Cell Protection.

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5th-CHOICE: WORX WX176L.9 20V Switchdriver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill – Check Price Here:-

  • 2-speed gearing & 1/4”-chucks,
  • Compact & lightweight,
  • LED-light,
  • Lithium 20V battery,
  • Electronic torque control dial,
  • 265-in-lbs. Max-torque.

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Wear Protective Gear: before you begin drilling, you should first wear safe-clothing and eye-protection gear. In fact, avoid wearing baggy clothing and dangling jewelry because it could catch in the drill while under operation. Additionally, wear safety-goggles or glasses that cover both sides of your eyes in-order to protect them from flying debris.

Wear ear-protection gear if you drill regularly: A handheld electric-drill produces about 90-decibels sound which is just enough to cause hearing-damage after prolonged-exposure. However, some cordless drills are quiet-enough and don’t require you to put on hearing-protection. But for louder drill like hammer-drill that can produce over 100 dB of sound, it’s recommended to wear hearing-protection gear whenever you’re using them.

Cover your Nose when drilling: you will need to wear dust-mask if the project you’re working on kick-up a lot of dust. On the other hand, if you drill regularly or for longer periods of time consider wearing respirator for best results.

Choose the right drill-bit: using drill-bits made from poor-quality material can actually cause the bit or material being drilled to break. So, consider using a general-purpose bit on most wood, an HSS (high speed steel) bit on most metals and a carbide or diamond-tipped bit on very hard and brittle surfaces.

Fit the drill-bit securely into the chuck: A chunk is a clamp in the “jaws” of the drill and it’s designed to hold the drill-bit in place as it spins. So, depending on the drill-type you may be able to secure the bit by hand or by using a chuck-key located in a compartment at the top or handle of the drill. Lastly, make sure that the bit is straight and secure and then remove the chunk-key before turning on the drill.

Clamp multiple small-pieces together: if you’re going to drill into small and loose pieces, then clamp them down firmly before you begin drilling. In fact, never hold a piece down with one-hand while drilling because the drill could slip and injure your hands.

Drill a Pilot Hole: You will get better drilling-results if you start with a drill-bit a little smaller than the final hole-size. So, consider first drilling a shallow “pilot hole” and then switch to the larger-bit to complete the drilling-job. In fact, the pilot-hole will help to prevent the drill-bit from slipping and even reduce on the chances of splitting wood or causing damage to any other material.

Drill Using Steady Pressure: you will have to hold the drill steady and then push it into the material you are drilling. In fact, it its taking more than light-force to drill a hole then you’re probably using the wrong bit.

Adjust the Drill-Clutch: Each drill features a twistable collar with a series of numbers in-order to help adjust the torque. In fact, the higher the number, the more torque the drill will apply and vice versa. So, if you’re having trouble penetrating through any material, then consider increasing the torque and if you’re drilling a soft-material then you should try to lower the torque.

Avoid overheating the Drill-Bit: if you drill through hard-materials at high-speeds then the drill will encounter great friction and finally heat-up. In fact, overheating the drill-bit until it becomes red-hot actually burns the material you’re drilling. So, use low drill-speeds and only increase the speed if the drill isn’t moving smoothly.

Never Force a Jammed Bit Through: in case the drill-bit gets stuck in any material, don’t try to force it through or out by running the drill because this could lead to serious damage. so, just consider unplugging the drill in-order to separate the bit and chuck then remove the bit using manual-tools.


Review For The 5 Best Cordless-Drills In 2022:

1ST CHOICE: Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion Drill:

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NUMBER OF LOAD SPEED0-450/0-1,500 rpm
LITHIUM-ION BATTERYYes (Two 20V Max compact packs)


The Dewalt DCD771C2 is a 20V-MAX, Cordless and Lithium-Ion Drill with a lightweight and compact body that will allow you to work in tight spaces for longer periods of time. This cordless-drill features a high-speed transmission with 2-Speed variations in-order to allow the user to choose the level of performance required for various applications while its powerful and high-performance motor delivers 300 unit-watts-out (UWO) of power allowing this tool to accomplish a wide-range of applications. On the other hand, it features a 1/2-inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck that facilitates for tight bit-gripping while its ergonomic-handle delivers optimum comfort and control when drilling. Lastly, it comes with 2 lithium-ion batteries that facilitate for cordless-use coupled with a compact-charger the ensure extra-convenience when travelling.


High performance motor: The DCD771C2 20V Max Lithium Ion Compact Drill is equipped with high-performance drive-motor that delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power giving this drill the ability to complete a wide-range of applications.

Compact, lightweight and Ergonomic design: This drill features a Compact and lightweight design that enables it to fit into tight areas while its ergonomic-handle delivers optimum comfort and control when drilling.

A single-sleeve ratcheting chuck: The DCD771C2 Drill features a 1/2″ single sleeve ratcheting chuck that facilitates for tight bit gripping thus making this drill perfect for use on different materials.

Cordless-Design: this drill comes with two 20V Max compact lithium ion batteries that can be easily clipped-on in-order to facilitate for cordless-use. On top of that, the included compact-charger makes facilitates for quick and easy charging of the drill especially when travelling.



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CLUTCH-TYPE11 position clutch
INCLUDED BATTERIES2 Lithium-ion batteries
VOLTAGE20 volts


The Black & Decker BD4KITCDCRL is an advanced 20V MAX Drill/Driver that comes with a Circular and Reciprocating Saw coupled with LED Worklight that offers up-to 70-lumens for up-to 11 hours of runtime  in-order to let you accomplish all types of tasks. This drill also features an 11-position Clutch to avoid stripping screws and damaging work surface while its keyless-chuck facilitates for quick and easy replacement of drill-bits. On the other hand, its lightweight compact design facilitates for easy use in tight and confined spaces.


11-position clutch: The Black & Decker BD4KITCDCRL 20V MAX Drill is equipped with an 11-position clutch that helps to prevent stripped screws and damaging work surfaces.

A compact and lightweight design: it also features a compact and lightweight design that will enable you to work within tight-spaces easily so that you can always accomplish all your tasks.

LED work-light: it features a LED Work-light that illuminates 70 Lumens for up to 11 hours of runtime. In fact, this 20V MAX rechargeable LED flashlight has the power you need to light up projects big and small.

Cordless circular saw: it also features a compact cordless circular-saw powered by a high-torque motor and even uses a 5-1/2-inch blade for a variety of cuts.

Cordless Reciprocating-Saw: This drill also comes with cordless reciprocating-saw that is versatile, lightweight and easy to use. In fact, this saw features a powerful 3000-spm motor while the integrated variable-speed trigger and electric-brake provide additional control.


3RD CHOICE: Makita XFD10Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Driver-Drill:

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MOTOR-TYPE4-pole motor
MAXIMUM-TORQUE480 in.lbs. of Max Torque
VARIABLE-SPEEDS2 (0-400 & 0-1,500 RPM)
HANDLE-TYPERubberized soft-grip handle
BATTERY TYPE2 Compact Lithium-Ion (18V)
CHARGER TYPERapid Optimum Charger


The Makita XFD10Z is a Compact, Lithium-Ion, Cordless ½-inch Driver-Drill designed to offer powerful performance and superior ergonomics coupled with a fast-charging battery. In fact, this drill is equipped with a Makita-built 4-pole motor that delivers up-to 480in.lbs. Of Max Torque while inbuilt 2 variable-speeds of 0-400 & 0-1,500 RPM enable allow you to cover a wide-range of drilling and driving applications. On the other hand, features a very compact design at only 7-9/16″ long and weighs only 3.3-lbs coupled with a battery designed to reduce operator fatigue. Lastly, it comes with 2 18V Compact Lithium-Ion 2.0 Ah batteries that provide up-to 50% more run time per charge coupled with a built-in LED light with afterglow in-order to illuminate the work area. 


4-pole motor: The Makita XFD10Z cordless-drill features an inbuilt 4-pole motor that is designed to deliver 480 in.lbs. of Max Torque making it powerful enough to drill through any material.

2 Variable-Speeds: The Makita XFD10Z is equipped with variable-speeds of (0-400 & 0-1,500 RPM) thus enabling it to cover a wide-range of drilling and driving applications.

Compact Lithium-Ion Battery: This cordless drill comes with an 18V Compact Lithium-Ion 2.0 Ah battery BL1820 that is designed to provide up-to 50% more run-time per charge. Additionally, this battery is compatible with all 18V LXT Tools.

LED-Light: The Makita XFD10Z also features an inbuilt LED-light that helps to illuminate the work-area so that you can always accomplish your drilling tasks anytime.

Compact and Ergonomic design: it also features a compact design at only 7-9/16″ long and weighs only 3.3-lbs. with battery for reduced operator fatigue. Additionally, it features an ergonomic handle with a rubberized soft-grip that provides increased comfort while drilling.


#4TH CHOICE: Bosch PS31-2A 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch 2-Speed Drill/Driver Kit:

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CHUCK-TYPE3/8-inch single-sleeve chuck
HANDLE-TYPEErgonomic & Soft-grip handle


The Bosch PS31-2A 12V Max 3/8″ Drill/Driver is a professional-grade tool that features an incredibly light weight at just two pounds. This performance-to-weight ratio makes the drill a great solution for electricians, plumbers and contractors who do a great deal of over-the-head drilling or driving. On the other hand, this drill is rated at 265 in.-lbs. of torque meaning that this small unit can be the primary go-tool for most professional screw-driving, removal or drilling applications.


A compact & lightweight Body: This drill features a compact and lightweight body with a 7-inch head length and 2-pound weight making it the lightest in its class. This streamlined design makes the drill small-enough to fit into tight areas and well-suited for continuous overhead work.

Sleeveless chuck: This drill/driver has a 3/8-inch sleeveless chuck that will accommodate 90-percent of common applications.

20+1 Torque Settings: With 20+1 torque settings, you can make precise torque-adjustments for accurate screwdriving and drilling. In fact, this drill offers 25-percent more max torque and its 15-percent faster.

Two Speeds: The first gear RPM ranges from 0 to 350. The second gear of RPM ranges from 0 to 1,300 while the max torque is 265-inches-per-pounds.

LED-Light: The integrated LED-light helps to illuminate dark corners and low-light areas so that your visibility is never compromised. In addition to providing illumination, this drill driver is also trademarked with Bosch’s Electronic Cell Protection (EPC) that extends the run-time and life of the tool.

Fuel gauge: With the fuel gauge located on the side of the tool, you will easily be able to monitor the life of the tool.


#5TH CHOICE: WORX WX176L.9 20V Switchdriver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill:

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Torque265 in-lb
Voltage120 volts
chuck-typedual-chuck design ( 1/4”)
2-speed gearingYes
LED lightYes
Battery-typeLithium 20V battery
Torque-controlsYes (12)


The WORX is an innovative Switch-driver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill & Driver equipped with two 1/4 in. chucks that rotate 180° at the push of a button. This unique dual-chuck design lets you move effortlessly between drilling and driving without stopping to change out the bit. Additionally, you can even work in the dark because of the integrated automatic LED light that engages in drive mode while the drill’s compact and lightweight design makes it easy to control. On the other hand, the variable-speed and reversible motor delivers enough power to handle most drilling, driving or fastening jobs around the house while the high-speeds of up to 1,500-RPM facilitate for fast drilling and low-speeds for jobs that require less-torque. Lastly, the precise electronic torque control dial lets you choose from 11-positions and 265-in-lbs. of torque in-order to set screws to the right depth without stripping or causing work-surface-damage. 


All in all, the cordless-drills featured in this post can be used professionally and home because they come as a kit. so, complete all your construction tasks by acquiring one of these cordless-drills in 2022.


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