5 Best Bathroom Pedestal Sinks in 2023:

A pedestal-sink is a freestanding sink basin with a simple and elegant design and available in various options and styles so as to complement a variety of bathroom interior design themes.

In fact, these sinks consist of an upper basin and a lower shaft (pedestal) and are usually made of porcelain and ceramic for maximum durability. Likewise, the basin hides the pipework behind the sink which connects to taps. Lastly, the sink is mounted to the wall and it sits over a pedestal that is secured to the floor.

So, Our team reviewed different Bathroom Pedestal Sinks on the market today and came to agree that Renovator’s Supply Bathroom Glass & Vanity Pedestal Sink and American Standard Retrospect Pedestal Bathroom Sink are the Best Pedestal Sinks in 2023.


Review Of 5 Best Bathroom Pedestal Sinks To Buy In 2023:

#1-CHOICE: Renovator’s Supply Bathroom Glass & Vanity Pedestal Sink:

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This is a Bohemia faucet pedestal sink from Renovator’s Supply that features a red oak pedestal and tempered glass vessel for a striking modern pedestal sink look. This bathroom pedestal sink includes a Chrome-faucet, Towel-bar and instructions on how to install it. Lastly, this pedestal-sink is made of high-strength tempered glass that is leak-proof coupled with a 500,000-cycle ceramic cartridge.


  • A Chrome Faucet & Drain.
  • Features a red oak pedestal.
  • Modern Retro Bohemia Design.
  • A striking modern pedestal sink.
  • A Total Height with Faucet is: 40″.
  • it features leak-proof tempered glass.
  • Durable & Strong Clear Tempered Glass sink.
  • It features a 500,000 cycle ceramic cartridge.
  • A 23 5/8″ Bathroom Glass Counter & Vanity Pedestal Sink.
  • It features dimensions of: 33″ H x 23-5/8″ W x 19-3/4″ Projection.
  • Includes: Chrome-Faucet, Drain, Towel-Bar & Instructions to install it.


#2-CHOICE: American Standard Retrospect Pedestal Bathroom Sink:

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This is a Retrospect Pedestal Bathroom Sink with 8″ center faucet holes-spacing and fireclay construction. A spacious bowl, large faucet deck and an ergonomic Right Height design help to prevent back strain and make the sink easy to use. It also features an authentically styled pedestal with a hidden front overflow for greater performance and looks in any bathroom and kitchen.


  • Pedestal sink-basin with leg.
  • Features 8″ center faucet holes.
  • It features a hidden front overflow.
  • Retrospect Pedestal Bathroom Sink.
  • It also features 8-Inch Faucet Spacing.
  • Right height for greater comfort during use.
  • Engineered to be both beautiful and durable.
  • It features a spacious bowl & large faucet deck.
  • Made from durable & fine fire-clay for a long-lasting use.
  • An ergonomic right height design that helps prevent back strain.
  • Nominal dimensions: 27″ by 19-3/4″ by 36″ & bowl sizes of: 15-1/2″ wide by 12″ front-to-back by 6-1/8″ deep.


#3-CHOICE: Small-Bathroom Pedestal Vanity and Sink Combo with Storage:

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This is a small bathroom pedestal cabinet and sink combo with storage, chrome-faucet and solid brass handles. In fact, its vanity-pedestal is made of durable MDF coupled with a wooden counter-top and storage that is coated in a glossy black finish. This sink is also height adjustable with a built-in clapboard cabinet featuring 2-space storage. Additionally, this pedestal-sink is environmentally friendly and easy to assemble coupled with plastic white foot pads and a zinc alloy handle. Lastly, it features a Turquoise Glass Vessel Sink that is durable and easy to cleanup.


  • Needs to be Self-Assembled.
  • A Turquoise Glass Vessel Sink.
  • Pedestal Cabinet with Storage.
  • Bathroom Vanity and Sink Combo.
  • Features a 3 Height Adjustable Shelf.
  • Includes a solid brass chrome faucet.
  • Features High Quality 304 Stainless Hinges.
  • Features plastic white foot pads for stability.
  • Environmentally Friendly & Easy to assemble.
  • The vanity-pedestal features a Zinc alloy handle.
  • A built-in clapboard cabinet with 2-space to storage.
  • Vanity Dimensions of: 13.25”(L) x 20.25”(W) x 32’’ (H).
  • All mounting hardware and hot/cold waterlines are included.
  • Glossy surface of sink & faucet facilitates for easy to clean up.
  • Wooden counter top and storage that are coated in glossy black finish.
  • Artistic Tempered Glass Vessel Sink Coordinates with most bathroom decor.
  • Includes: ORB Finished Faucet Set, Pop Up Drain, Mounting Ring, Water Supply Lines.
  • Pedestal is made of MDF-Material which is wear-resistant, humidity and corrosion resistant.
  • A drain opening of: 1-3/4″, Faucet height of: 12″, Flow-rate: 1.5-GPM, Pop up drain height of: 8″ & Water supply line of: 23.6″.


#4-CHOICE: Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Monaco Pedestal Sink:

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Swiss Madison Well Made Forever is a solid, freestanding, one-piece, pedestal sink designed to give a modern look to any bathroom setting. This sink is constructed of durable ceramic for a long-lasting fitting while a seamless finish provides a smooth surface for superior shine and easy cleaning. Lastly, it features a High-Gloss white finish and includes an overflow drain.


  • Monaco Pedestal Sink.
  • Includes an overflow drain.
  • Features a Glossy White Finish.
  • Brings a unique flair to any bathroom setting.
  • Dimensions of: 15.75″L x 15.75″W x 33.46″H.
  • Solid, freestanding, one-piece design, pedestal sink.
  • Smooth sides make the sink easy to clean & elegant.
  • High Gloss finish protects sink from scratches & stains.
  • Constructed of durable ceramic for a long-lasting fitting.
  • Seamless finish provides a smooth surface for superior shine & easy cleaning.


#5-CHOICE: eclife Bathroom Modern Stand Pedestal with Ceramic Vessel Sink:

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The eclife is a 24″, modern Bathroom Pedestal sink that is very stylish, durable and easy-to-clean. This pedestal-sink features a wooden counter top and storage that are coated in a glossy black finish while the Vanity is made of MDF-Material that is humidity and corrosion resistant, wear-resistant and easy to clean. On the other hand, it features a ceramic sink and solid brass chrome faucet with a glossy surface which makes it easy to cleanup. Lastly, this pedestal vanity sink comes with all mounting hardware and hot/cold waterlines.


  • Needs to be self-assembled.
  • A Modern and stylish design.
  • A Small body with maximized storage.
  • Matches perfectly with small bathroom décor.
  • Premium White Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Sink.
  • It also includes 23-5/8″ Long water supply lines.
  • It is Environmentally Friendly & Easy to assemble.
  • A 1.5-GPM faucet flow-rate helps to save 30% water.
  • Features 304 Stainless-steel slide & Zinc alloy handles.
  • Includes a 3/8″ Connector Hot/Cold Water supply hose.
  • Includes all mounting hardware and hot/cold waterlines.
  • A solid brass chrome faucet that is Scratch and Stain-Resistant.
  • Wooden counter top and storage coated with a glossy black finish.
  • MDF eco-friendly material is used to make vanity more durable & sturdy.
  • Designed for above counter installation with plumbing connections of: (1/2″).
  • A Solid umbrella pop-up drain and mounting ring in chrome finish are included.
  • It features Dimensions of: 16.25″ (Length) x 16.25″ (Width) x 4.75″ (Height) Square.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Are pedestal sinks outdated?

No, pedestal-sinks are common fixtures in bathrooms and have evolved over the years to suit modern and contemporary bathrooms. In fact, pedestals are the most popular choice for any bathroom remodeling because they are durable, elegant, and timeless.

Are pedestal sinks good?

Yes, Pedestal-sinks are easy to maintain and clean due to their streamlined and simple design. They are also made of high-quality materials to ensure maximum durability over the years.

How much does a plumber charge to install a pedestal sink?

A professional plumber will install your pedestal sink at a cost between $250 to $500. However, the cost may increase if you need new water and drain lines to be set-up.

Do pedestal sinks hide plumbing?

Yes, most pedestal-sinks come with a notch in the back that helps to hide plumbing lines. However, some supply and draining lines can sometimes be visible depending on the type of sink or how it was installed.

Is it hard to install a pedestal sink?

It depends, if you already have the right plumbing in place, then installing a pedestal-sink can be simple and done in a few hours. However, if there is no supply and drain system, then you will have to hire a professional plumber to install the pedestal for you.

How long does it take to install a pedestal sink?

Assuming that plumbing-system is already available, a plumber should be able to install the sink in about 2-6 hours depending on their skill level. In fact, experienced plumbers usually take under 2-hours to install a pedestal.

How close can a pedestal sink be to the toilet?

You should leave a minimum of about 18-inches between the toilet and pedestal-sink on the sides. Likewise, you may also need a minimum of 21-inches from the front of the toilet to the vanity or sink.

How do you stabilize a pedestal sink?

Put the pedestal back into place and then place the sink on top. After, insert a wooden shim underneath the pedestal and then place a level across the top of the sink while inserting or removing shims as needed.

How do you access the plumbing behind a pedestal-sink?

Sit on the floor to the side of the pedestal in-order to view the now-visible P-trap. After, loosen the slip-nut at the top of the P-trap where it meets the tailpipe of the sink’s pop-up drain by twisting it counterclockwise. Do your repairs and then reconnect the pedestal as needed.

Are all pedestal sinks the same height?

No, Pedestal sinks are typically available in various sizes that range from 32-to-35 inches for height, 20-to-24 inches for width, and 15-to-20 inches for depth.There are also small pedestals for use in homes with small bathrooms.

Do pedestal sinks sit against the wall?

The sink is secured onto the wall while the pedestal is secured onto the floor. In fact, there are couple of holes that allow the installer to secure fasteners into the wall and floor.

Advantages of a pedestal sink:

+ Its easy to maintain and clean.
+ It doesn’t take-up a lot of space.
+ They are cheaper than vanity sinks.
+ Pedestals are customizable & versatile.
+ They are made of high-quality, durable materials.
+ Are easier to update and install than larger vanities.
+ Feature beautiful designs coupled with functionality.
+ Great for use in small bathrooms where space is limited.
+ They are available in different shapes, styles, and sizes.
+ Feature a classic and timeless design that is perfect for any bathroom.

Disadvantages of a pedestal sink:

– Can be expensive compared to standalone sinks.
– They don’t provide storage space like vanity-sinks.
– They are also difficult to install and require a professional plumber.

How To Cleanup A Bathroom Sink:

*Wipe down the sink: Get a clean, wet cotton cloth or dish sponge and wipe down the interior of the sink. Remember to wipe around the drain. Additionally, try to remove as much debris and grime as you can and consider wiping the sink on a daily basis, if needed.

*Rinse the sink: Consider rinsing the sink before using any bathroom cleaning product. So, turn on the faucet and run hot water into the sink. In fact, hot water will loosen soap scum, grime & dirt. Afterwards, use a clean cotton cloth to wipe down the sides of the sink with hot water.

*Spray the sink with a cleaner: Select a bathroom cleaner of your choice and spray it over the sink. Make sure you spray all parts of the sink including the faucet and behind the faucet. In fact, most bathroom cleaners are formulated to clean bathroom sinks. So, you may be able to use a tub and tile cleaner or a cleaner formulated for the type of material you sink is made of. On top of that, make sure the cleaner is a disinfectant since bathroom sinks can potentially accumulate a variety of germs.

*Use baking-soda to remove tough stains: If your bathroom sink is still dirty after you’ve done a light clean, then you should sprinkle baking-soda all over the sink. The abrasive force of the baking soda will help remove tough stains. Make sure the sink is dry before you sprinkle the baking soda.

*Scrub the sink after applying baking-soda: Get a clean cloth and scrub the sink down. Apply a lot of pressure in areas that are particularly dirty. Swirl your cloth around in circles while you rub the baking soda into the surface of the sink. Consider using a regular cotton cloth or a mildly abrasive dish sponge.

*Rinse-out the baking-soda: After scrubbing the sink, you need to thoroughly rinse it to remove all leftover baking soda. Make sure to run the water until all the baking soda has washed down the drain. If your sink doesn’t drain properly, you may need to wipe the baking soda out using cloth-rags or paper-towels.

*Consider rinsing the sink after every use to keep it clean: By rinsing the sink after every use, you’ll make sure that dirt and soap residue are washed out of the basin into the drain. So, run the water after you brush your teeth to remove any toothpaste residue that may build-up in your sink. Additionally, use enough water to wash soap and soap residue down the drain after you wash your hands.

*Don’t wash hair-shavings down the sink: Hair shavings not only make your sink dirty but can also clog your pipes. As a result, normal dirt and grime will build up in the basin. So, when shaving in front of the sink, put a towel over the sink so your hair falls into the towel.

*Avoid laying metal in the sink: One of the toughest stains to get out of a sink especially porcelain bathroom sinks are rust stains. So, don’t lay any metal in your sink since the presence of moisture will cause metal to quickly rust and leave a stain. However, if your sink has a rust stain, take an old eraser and wipe it against the stain. If the rust stain won’t come out with baking soda or an eraser, you may need to use an abrasive cleaner.


All the featured pedestal-sinks are designed to make your bathrooms look stylish and modern in 2023. In fact, these bathroom-pedestal-sinks are made of durable materials which make them very stable and easy-to-cleanup.


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