5 Best Baseboard Heaters Reviewed in 2023:

Electric Baseboard Heaters are home-appliances that use a form of zone heating to allow you control the temperature in each room of your house. In fact, they are silent, effective, and operate individually so that you can save energy by warming only the rooms you’re using.

So, Our team tested different Baseboard Heaters on the market today and came to agree that Fahrenheat Hydronic Baseboard Heater and Cadet Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater are the Best Electric Baseboard Heaters in 2023.


Review Of 5 Best Baseboard Heaters To Buy In 2023:

#1-CHOICE: Fahrenheat Liquid Filled Hydronic Baseboard Heater:

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  • Corded electric Baseboard Heater.
  • Liquid Filled Hydronic Baseboard Heater.
  • Overall Dimensions Of: 70″L X 35″W X 9″H.
  • Thermal cutoff function prevents overheating.
  • Features a power rating of: 1500-Watts @ 240-Volts.
  • UL-listed for safe operation on flooring, tile or carpet.
  • Heating Methods: Radiant & infrared, Fan & forced air.
  • This hard-wired unit provides gentle, steady heat for superior comfort.
  • Hydronic design keeps the unit cool so that it is safe to use around children & pets.
  • Designed with a wire-way along the back so that it can be easily wired on either end.
  • Uses convection heat to keep allergens, dust & bacteria from blowing around the room.
  • Low-profile design makes it a perfect fit for bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms & dens.
  • Overheat protection feature prevents the heater from running when its air intake is blocked so as to reduce on fire risks.


#2-CHOICE: Cadet Softheat Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater:

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  • Softheat Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater.
  • Perfect for bedrooms, nurseries & those with severe allergies.
  • Fast heating & great for warming an area of up-to 200-square-feet.
  • Reduces effects of airborne allergens while providing whisper-quiet operation.
  • Safety feature turns the heater off if normal operating temperatures are exceeded.
  • Features a power rating of: 1500-Watts heater at 240-Volts or 1125-Watts at 208-Volts.
  • Lower surface temperature than standard baseboards makes it ideal for homes with kids & pets.
  • Saves energy by retaining heat to generate residual warmth even after the thermostat turns off.
  • Circulates environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous fluid with no plumbing or refilling required.
  • Innovative design contains environmentally-friendly fluid so you can enjoy steady, uniform warmth longer with minimal room temperature variations.
  • Uses self-contained circulating fluid and convection heating to provide a gentle and efficient warmth that fills the room evenly to keep you comfortable.


#3-CHOICE: COSTWAY Portable Electric Baseboard Heater with Remote & Digital Adjustable Temperature:

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  • Baseboard Heater with Remote.
  • Convention Heater for Home Use.
  • Offers Silent & Simple Operation.
  • Provides warm air with lower noise.
  • 24H Timer Function and Child Lock.
  • Fast Heating & 2 Heating Power Rates.
  • Wide air inlet & outlet for quick airflow.
  • Power rating of: 750Watts-to-1500Watts.
  • Baseboard hardwired electric zone heater.
  • Product Dimension: 40”L x 3.5”W x 7.5”H.
  • Can be used to heat the room or dry clothes.
  • Adjustable Temperature & Timing Function.
  • UL certified plug ensures high-quality and safety.
  • Tip-over & overheat protection prevent accidents.
  • Remote control or touch screen control for simple operation.
  • The heater will automatically stop heating when it is dumped.
  • Detachable supporting feet ensure that the heater stands firmly.
  • Anti-scalding grill prevents users from being accidentally scalded.
  • Touch screen clearly displays the temperature and room temperature.
  • Overheat protection design also greatly reduces on the possibility of fire.
  • Portable Electric Heater with Digital Adjustable Temperature from 48 to 98°F.
  • Simple & easy to install by only attaching 2 supporting feet to get a complete heater.
  • Child lock can effectively prevent the baby from changing the settings unintentionally.
  • The temperature can be adjusted freely between 48°F and 98°F to suit different sizes of rooms or heating needs.
  • Built-in touch screen is not only easy to operate but also clearly displays the temperature & room temperature.
  • A 0-to-24 hour timer function can make the machine automatically shut down when it works to the pre-set time.


#4-CHOICE: KING K-Series Electric Baseboard Heater:

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  • 6″ Baseboard Heater.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • Electric Baseboard Heater.
  • Uses Convection Heating Technology.
  • Power-rating of: 1500-Watts @ 120-Volts.
  • Perfect choice for bedrooms & living areas.
  • A thermostat is required and it’s sold separately.
  • Easy-to-Install coupled with Space Saving Design.
  • Has the power to heat small rooms and spaces easily.
  • Offers quiet operation & a rugged steel construction.
  • Features a baked enamel finish that is complementary.
  • Great supplemental heater for your living or office space.
  • Designed for ease of installation and can be wired at either end.
  • Crush-proof aluminum element for years of trouble-free operation.
  • All internal components are accessible and completely manageable.
  • Uses convection style heating to spread warmth evenly across the room.
  • Utilizes convection heat to provide consistent warmth throughout the room.
  • Built in cable clamps to make managing cables and hooking the heater up easy.
  • Uses only 1500-watts of energy to warm the room & can warm up-to 150-sq.ft.
  • Low installation cost & maintenance design makes it ideal for new construction.
  • High temperature-limit feature shuts power off to the heater in an abnormal event.
  • This baseboard heater mounts directly against the wall & features a narrow design that is truly out of the way.
  • Exclusive crush-proof ribbon aluminum finning is compression welded to the heating element to provide a chimney-type flue for maximum heat transfer.


#5-CHOICE: TPI-Corporation Electric Baseboard Heater:

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  • 24″ Baseboard Heater.
  • Manufactured in U.S.A.
  • Electric Baseboard Heater.
  • Features 6 in-ground lead wires.
  • Over-Temperature Thermal Limit.
  • Power-rating of: 120-Volt @ 375-Watts.
  • Stainless Steel Heating Element & Aluminum Fins.
  • Junction Boxes Contain Quick Connect Cable Clamps.
  • Heater can be mounted to the wall by using the key hole knockouts every 4″ at the back.
  • Painted 22-gauge steel front with 20-gauge junction boxes located on each end of the heater.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

What is an electric baseboard heater?

An electric baseboard heater is a long and narrow device that runs along the bottom of walls with zone heating technology that allows you to control the temperature in individual rooms. In fact, these heaters feature an aluminum housing coupled with heating-elements inside for maximum performance during winter.

Is baseboard heating good?

Yes, because baseboard heating is often more efficient than radiators. In fact, baseboard-heaters are even more efficient when running constantly, instead of being turned on and off.

What are the different types of baseboard heaters?

There are 3 different types of baseboard-heaters which include: gas baseboard heaters, hydronic baseboard heaters, and electric baseboard heaters.

Can you paint an electric baseboard heater?

Yes, you can actually paint electric baseboard heaters. However, use standard paint without fear of any harsh smells passing through your house. Additionally, before painting, sand off any rust that has occurred over time and then coat the appliance with a thin layer of metal conditioner. After, apply anti-rust paint to prevent further damage of baseboard-materials. Lastly, consider using a latex-based paint since its more elastic than oil-based metal paint and more easily bears expansion and contraction from the heating & cooling cycle.

Is baseboard heat better than central heat?

No, baseboard heat is not as energy efficient as central heat and AC systems. In fact, people who install central HVAC achieve nearly 50% decrease in their electricity bills when they stop using a baseboard heating system. So, its actually more expensive to run a baseboard heating system.

Can you leave baseboard heaters on overnight?

Yes, you can leave a baseboard-heater operating all night as long as you don’t block the air-vents. In fact, baseboard heaters are very safe to use and the risk of fire outbreak is pretty low if misused.

What’s more efficient than baseboard heaters?

Ductless heat pumps are better than baseboard heaters with proper insulation. In fact, they are more energy efficient than baseboard heaters.

What is the most effective type of heater?

Electric heaters are 100% more efficient since all the energy they use is converted straight into heat. In fact, infrared heaters are the most efficient, but oil-filled heaters have the longest lasting heat.

What is the life expectancy of a baseboard-heater?

Electric baseboard heaters have an average lifespan of about 20-years. However, they can last for much longer with proper maintenance.

How do you clean an electric baseboard heater?

  • Start by turning the thermostat down to zero to shut off the unit completely. In fact, wait until all elements cool down before proceeding.
  • After, remove any large, visible debris from the baseboard-heater using the hands.
  • Use a vacuum’s soft brush attachments to suck up any crumbs, dirt or other materials that may have built-up over time.
  • Finish-off by wiping down the heater’s surface with a damp cloth. This will leave the unit looking dust-free and good as new.

How does a baseboard heater work?

  1. An electric current flows through the electric baseboard’s heating element.
  2. The electrical resistance of the heating element causes it to heat up as the electricity tries to flow through it. In fact, baseboard heaters don’t have fans and their heat naturally spreads throughout the room.
  3. You can control the baseboard heater using a thermostat which is either on the unit or on the wall elsewhere in the room. In fact, digital thermostats on the wall are the most accurate.
  4. To operate a baseboard heater, set a desired temperature on the thermostat and then the heater will turn on until that temperature is reached. If the temperature later drops, the baseboard-heater will turn on again.
  5. There must be a minimum clearance of 3/4″ between the heater and the floor in-order to allow cool air to enter the heater from underneath once its heated and then flow out through the fins.
  6. The draperies above the heater should have at least 12″ of spacing between them and the unit in-order to keep your house safe.
  7. Lastly, don’t place any furniture or other items too close to the front of the baseboard-heater. This is very important because furniture can restrict airflow, and if the unit is close to the floor, even a high-pile carpet can block airflow into the unit which might cause a fire hazard.

Advantages of a baseboard heater:

+ Its DIY friendly.
+ It operates quietly.
+ No ducts are required.
+ They are highly durable.
+ Portable and easy to use.
+ Cheap and easy to install.
+ Help warm up hard-to-heat rooms.
+ Requires a limited amount of space.
+ It requires less maintenance over time.
+ Its less prone to failure than HVAC systems.
+ Easily customizable temperatures in each room.
+ There are no moving parts to this heating system.
+ Provides better heating when temperatures are below freezing.
+ Allows zoned-heating which gives you more control over the temperature of each room.

Disadvantages of a baseboard heater:

– Not a good option for heating large areas.
– A relatively high cost to run these systems.
– Takes more time than usual to heat-up the room.
– Most baseboard heaters run strictly off electricity.
– Baseboard heaters get extremely hot and can pose a burn hazard.
– Electric baseboard heaters use more electricity than an electric heat pump.
– They need to be at least one inch above the floor and free from furniture or other flammable objects.
– They are not an efficient or cost-effective way to heat large homes or places that are drafty or not airtight.
– These heaters are not meant to circulate air since they do not have built-in fans.
– People who use these heaters often get a dry-skin, dry-throat, dry-eyes and bloody-noses.
– You have to clean them regularly in-order to keep them operating at their maximum efficiency.
– They take up valuable wall space in every room whereby you need to keep them unobstructed to prevent a fire outbreak.


All the featured electric baseboard-heaters are designed to provide extra heat in any room of your home while their low-profile designs will blend into any décor in 2023.


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