5 Best Air Ionizers Reviewed in 2024:

An air-ionizer is a device that uses high-voltage to release negative ions into the air. In fact, this appliance purifies air in your rooms by electrically charging air molecules. The purpose of an air ionizer is to remove particles, microbes, and odors from air.

All-in-all, this device will make air in any room healthier for people to breathe, most especially those suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory-related ailments. 

So, Our team tested different Air Ionizers on the market today and came to agree that OdorStop Professional Grade Ozone Generator and HOME-SANITIZER Q3 Ionizer Machine are the Best Home Air Ionizers in 2024.


Review of 5 Best Air Ionizers to Buy in 2024:

#1-CHOICE: OdorStop Professional Grade Ozone Generator & Air Ionizer Machine:

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  • Ionizer Air Purifier.
  • Double way to purify air.
  • Commercial Ozone Generator.
  • Emits 30,000mg ozone per hour.
  • Multifunctional O3 Ionizer Machine.
  • Power-Rating Of: 110V @ 50/60Hz, US-plug.
  • Features a stainless steel filter that is washable.
  • Powerful enough for industrial use or home use.
  • Efficient at Cleaning Air & Destroying Odors Safely.
  • Made from industrial grade metal (aluminium alloy).
  • Timer with ‘HOLD’ Mode for Super Large Public Areas.
  • Turn the knob clockwise to set-up the timer up to 180-minutes.
  • Perfect for home use, office, hotel, factory and other public areas.
  • The treatment time can be decreased to only few minutes for 150sqft.
  • Safe, reliable & durable with high-efficiency & low power consumption.
  • Ozone output: Max 30,000mg/hr (Can select ozone output of: 15/30g per hour).
  • Eliminates virtually any odors from cigar-smoke, cooking, pets, bathrooms, paint, etc.
  • 2 Levels of Ozone Output: O₃I and O₃II for you to set the ozone output of 15g/h or 30g/h for different areas.
  • An ideal machine to eliminate smoke odor, pet smell, car smell, cooking odors or any other unpleasant odors.
  • If you need to treat air for a longer time, turn counter-clockwise to ‘HOLD’ mode and the machine will work continuously.
  • Most suitable for treating large areas like: factory, hospital, shopping-mall, school, and treatment-area can be up to 10000sqft+.


#2-CHOICE: HOME-SANITIZER Q3 Air Ionizer, Air-Purifier, Sterilizer & Deodorizer Machine:

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  • O3 High-Capacity Ionizer.
  • Industrial Ozone Generator.
  • It produces 25,000mg per hour.
  • Lightweight and easy to Operate.
  • Destroys bacteria, viruses & other germs.
  • 180-minute auto shut-off timer for safety.
  • Compact and very quiet when powered on.
  • Generates ozone & UV-lighting for a sanitizing effect.
  • Cleans the Air and Sanitizes the Surfaces of your Home.
  • Air-Purifier, Sterilizer, Deodorizer & Q3 Ionizer Machine.
  • Equipped with a timer function for convenient operation.
  • Features a UV-Cleaning system & 2-stage sanitizing system.
  • Good for Eliminating Odors Like: smoke, pet and kitchen odors.
  • Built-in UV lamp further reduces the risk of bacteria and viruses.
  • Choose the sanitizing time based on the size of the room you want to sanitize using the timer.


#3-CHOICE: Ivation 5-in-1 HEPA Air-Purifier, Ozone-Generator, Air Ionizer & Deodorizer:

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  • Ionizer & Deodorizer Machine.
  • 5-in-1 HEPA Air-Purifier Ionizer.
  • HEPA Air Purifier & Ozone Generator.
  • UV Light and Negative Ion Generator.
  • Covers Rooms of up-to 3,700 Square-Feet.
  • Includes Carbon and Photocatalytic Filters.
  • Equipped with Digital-Display, Timer & Remote.
  • Built-In Timer Turns-Off Automatically for Family & Pet Safety.
  • Minimizes Dust, Dander, Pollen & Other Allergens & Pollutants.
  • Ozone Ceramic Plates generate ozone for sanitation & ambiance.
  • Neutralize Odors Caused by Cigarette Smoke, Paint, Pets, Food, etc.
  • UV Germicidal Lamp deodorizes the space while sterilizing mold, mildew and bacterium.
  • Upgraded Design with LCD-Display, Programmable-Clock, Adjustable Fan Speed & Custom Ozone Timer.
  • Fan Grill captures larger airborne particles, protects interior system and prevents accidental injury.
  • HEPA-Filter traps small particles like dust, dander and mites with the same power and efficiency as those used in hospitals.
  • TiO2 Photo-Catalytic Filter works with the UV lamp to release electrons into the air so as to effectively destroy pollutants.
  • Pre-Filter captures larger particles like hair and fabric, keeping the HEPA filter clear for more advanced filtration to occur.
  • Sanitizes the Air & Infuses Areas with Energizing Clean Smell by Converting Oxygen to Ozone Via a Special Electrical Process.
  • Anion Feature Charges Air Particles with an Extra Electron thus Dispersing Negative Ions for Deep Cleaning & Mood Enhancing Results.
  • Complete System Purifies, Deodorizes, Filters, Disinfects & Eliminates Dust & Airborne Contaminants for an Exceptional Indoor Breathing Experience.
  • UV Light Works with Ti02 Photo-Catalytic Filter, Ceramic Ozone Plates, HEPA-Filter & Pre-Filter to Disinfect & Purify Rooms of Mold, Mildew, Bacterium, Germs & Other Harmful Microorganisms.


#4-CHOICE: HERAVAC O3 Advanced Ionizer Air-Purifier, Smoke-Eater, Deodorizer & Odor Neutralizer:

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  • Ozone Generator Machine.
  • An adjustable 120-minute timer.
  • O3 Advanced Ionizer Air-Purifier.
  • Compact, portable and easy to carry.
  • Adjustable Fan Power for Convenience.
  • For Residential, Industrial & Commercial Use.
  • Deodorizes your space from odors, smoke and VOCs.
  • Produces 12,000mg/h covering up to 4000-sq.ft at once.
  • Adjustable power button lets you choose from: low, medium or high ozone output.
  • Safety switch/child lock to prevent children from changing settings or turning it on accidentally.
  • Fan delay function which will dry the moisture on the ozone sheet to help extend product service life.
  • Ideal for bedrooms, offices, hotels, restaurants, garages, basements, pet areas, hospitals, schools, fire or water-damaged areas.


#5-CHOICE: DMRSUP Commercial Ozone Generator & Air Purifier Ionizer Machine with APP-Control:

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  • Commercial Ozone Generator.
  • High ozone output of: 11000 mg/h.
  • Features a 20,000-hour service life.
  • Easily eliminates unpleasant smells.
  • Air Purifier Ionizer with APP-Control.
  • Can be used in: house, office, kitchen and car.
  • Simply connect APP with machine via smartphone.
  • High Capacity O3 Machine for Large Rooms, Cars, Pets, etc.
  • Eco-friendly design that aims to keep energy consumption to the minimum.
  • Set the timer or schedules at anytime anywhere using your smartphone-App.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Do air-ionizers actually work?

Yes, ion generators will remove small particles from indoor air but won’t remove some gases or odors. In fact, they are usually ineffective in removing large particles like pollen and house dust allergens.

What is the use an air ionizer?

It uses ions to remove particulates, microbes, and odors from the indoor air. In fact, this device will make any room healthier for people to breathe thus making it a perfect appliance for individuals suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory-related issues.

Are air-ionizers better than air-purifiers?

No, air-purifiers actually do a much better job in cleaning the air compared to air-ionizers. In fact, air-purifiers feature special filters that can kill microbes and other harmful organisms in the air.

Can air-ionizers get rid of dust?

No, air ionizers are ineffective at removing larger particles like dust and pollen. In fact, they are designed to remove smaller particles like; tobacco smoke and smog which measure between 0.01 & 0.1 µm/microns.

Is ionized-air safe to breathe?

Yes, because ionic air purifiers emit negative ions into the air as a way of cleaning it hence making air healthy and safe to breathe.

Can you be in the same room with an operating ionizer?

No, don’t use an air-ionizer in an enclosed space when your present. So, consider opening the window or run the ionizer when no one is home and turn it off whenever anyone is in the room with it.

Are negative ions safe?

Yes, in fact negative ions are beneficial for the human body while positive ions are harmful. Likewise, you will always find the highest concentrations of negative ions in natural, clean air.

Can you smell negative ions?

No, negative ions are actually odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that can be inhaled in abundance under certain environments like on; mountains, waterfalls, and beaches.

Can negative ions purify air?

Yes, negative air ions have been proven to purify air and are widely used for air cleaning.

How does an air ionizer work?

An air ionizer is designed to purify air in any room by restoring a high-density of negative-ions in the atmosphere. In fact, these devices are highly effective in removing allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses, and ultrafine particles.

Advantages of air ionizers:

+ They filter harmful chemicals within air.
+ Help to eliminate viruses, bacteria & mold species.
+ Make air in a room healthier for people to breathe.
+ Remove particulates, microbes, and odors from the air.
+ Ionized air will help to regulate sleeping your patterns.
+ Ionized air can help you reduce on stress, improves immunity & moods.
+ Can remove up to 97% of small particles after 30 minutes of use.
+ They do not release any harmful substances or chemicals into the air.
+ Purify air in any room by electrically charging air molecules.
+ Ionizers have been shown to reduce on the levels of carbon monoxide.
+ Ionizers are helpful if you have allergies, asthma, or chemical sensitivities.
+ Effective against fine micro-organisms like; smoke, soot and other tiny particulate matter.
+ Perfect for use by people suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory-related ailments.
+ Ionic air purifiers can effectively remove pollutants ranging from pollen, mold, dust, pet dander, viruses, smoke, odors, and chemical toxins.

Disadvantages of air ionizers:

– May cause throat irritation & coughing.
– They do not remove heavy gases or odors.
– An increased risk of respiratory infections.
– May cause chest pain and shortness of breath in some people.
– They give-off dangerous levels of ozone which is harmful to the environment & your health.
– Ionizers are unable to remove large particles from the air including those that can trigger asthma & allergy symptoms.


All the featured Air Purifier Ionizers are designed to eliminate any unpleasant smells while keeping energy consumption to the minimum in 2024.


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