Top 5 Best Beginner Safety Razors Reviewed in 2023:

beginner safety razors

A safety razor is a shaving-tool equipped with a protective mechanism positioned between the edge of the blade and the skin so as to ensure injury-free shaving. In fact, a single-blade razor is designed for edging sideburns and strong beard lines to help you achieve a perfect look. Additionally, a safety-razor will provide you with a more enjoyable and affordable shaving experience even if your a beginner.

 So, If you’re a beginner in wet-shaving yet you wish to achieve an extra-close shave that is very comfortable and quick then you should consider getting the Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor(MK 23C) Or Baxter of California Safety Razor since these are the Best Safety-Razors for starters on the market today in 2023.


Detailed Review Of The 5 Best Beginner Safety Razors In 2023:

#1st CHOICE: Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor (MK 23C):

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The Merkur MK-23C is a Long Handled Safety Razor with a great chrome finish that makes it very durable and long-lasting. This safety-razor also features a double-edge design that ensures a precise and close shave while its comfortable extra -long handle with great texturing on top ensures a non-slip grip and fits well in all hands especially larger hands.


  • It offers an extra close shave because of the double-edge head design that uses standard DE razor-blades.
  • It features a chrome finish and solid-frame that makes feel very sturdy and durable.
  • A Long handle that fits perfectly into any hand-type including larger-hands.
  • It features a nice-looking texture around the handle so as to ensure firm/secure grip even when shaving under wet-conditions.
  • Made in Germany using high-quality materials in order to ensure maximum-durability.


#2nd CHOICE: Baxter of California Safety Razor:

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The Baxter of California is a Classic double-edge safety razor designed to provide men with a traditional wet-shave. This traditional safety-razor helps to reduce ingrown hairs and razor-burn while it’s solid, chrome-plated body enables it to last for years even with regular usage. Lastly, this safety-razor is made in Germany with highest-quality materials in order to provide modern men with a great traditional shaving-experience.


  • This Double-Edge (DE) Safety Razor is created for both beginners and serious wet-shavers.
  • It helps reduce ingrown hairs and razor burn because it features Double-Edge head that ensures optimum-comfort when shaving.
  • It has solid-frame with a chrome-plating so as to ensure maximum-durability.
  • It features nice-looking handle with texturing allover so as to ensure a firm-grip when shaving under wet-conditions.
  • It comes with a free pack of starter-blades and an instructional-card.
  • It offers a very comfortable and closer shave on any skin-type.


#3rd CHOICE: Bevel Safety Razor:

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Unlike multi-blade razors, the Bevel Safety-Razor was designed to shave at the surface of the skin in order to help you to prevent razor-bumps. The Bevel is a single-blade razor that is capable of moving across the skin at an angle that ensures gentler shave compared to multi-blade razors and the bevel-razor also features a strong, sturdy and ergonomically designed body that is very easy to hold while ensuring maximum-durability.


  • A re-engineered Single Blade design that ensures a comfortable shave over the surface of the skin.
  • It helps to prevent razor bumps and skin-irritation compared to multi-blade safety-razors thus making the bevel-razor a perfect choice for people with sensitive skins.
  • It’s generously weighted in order to facilitate for an intuitive shave.
  • The razor has a strong and sturdy design for maximum durability.
  • It is ergonomically designed for easier handling.
  • The kit comes with a spare-set of extremely sharp razor blades.


#4th CHOICE: Double Edge Safety Razor by Utopia Care:

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The Double Edge Safety Razor by Utopia Care is an ultimate razor designed to provide you with a perfect morning shave. This safety-razor will shave through stubble like never before because it features a robust, classic and precision-engineered shaving-head. The Utopia is also a heavy Chrome-Plated razor specifically designed to give you an ultimate shave with every stroke taken. This safety-razor is made out of high-quality Stainless Steel for maximum durability and longevity and its great cutting-angle makes it a must-have for professional barbers because of the effortless shave it delivers. Lastly, it’s provided with 20 Derby Blades that will help last through many shaves.


  • A chrome-plated finishing that prevents rust, tarnish and breakage.
  • A double-edge design for perfect balance required to achieve a close and comfortable shave.
  • A 4-inch Long handle for easy holding and control while shaving.
  • It will provide you with an injury free shaving experience without any nicks and cuts.
  • Simple, quick and safe blade-replacement making it a perfect choice for beginners.


#5th CHOICE: QSHAVE Premium Quality Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor 700:

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The QSHAVE is a Premium-Quality adjustable safety razor that was designed to give you a lot of flexibility in terms of how you want it aggressive. So, if you want a relaxed shave then you will have to use this safety-razor at a low-setting and if you want take-off 3-day stubble with ease then you will need to use this safety-razor in a medium or high setting. Unlike other razors that use a screw to hold the blade in place, this safety-razor uses a clip whereby this design makes it very easy to change the blade.


  • An adjustable Handle for easy blade-setting of exposure-levels from 1 to 6.
  • High quality stand made from aluminum alloy with a polished-finish.
  • A Modern design with excellent craftsmanship.
  • Comes in brushed chrome satin which looks makes it look truly beautiful.
  • The weight of the safety razor is well-distributed allowing you to pretty much let it do most of the work.
  • A Long handle (4-inches) is great for men with large hands and even ensures a firm grip.
  • Comes with a Genuine leather sleeve that is perfect for protecting your razors and blades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

How much should a good safety-razor cost?

A basic, good-quality safety razor will cost you around $25 to $40 while a classic, high-end razor will cost over $50. In fact, there is always a safety-razor for your budget.

Why was a safety-razor invented?

The purpose of creating safety-razors was to reduce on the level of skill needed for injury-free shaving, thereby reducing on the reliance of professional barbers.

Which type of safety-razor is best?

I would recommend a “butterfly” safety razor because it features a unique one-piece head that makes swapping in new blades quick and easy. Its also easy to use yet comfortable on the skin as you shave.

How often do you change safety razor blades?

If you are wet shaving daily, then you will need to replace the razor-blades after 5-to-6 shaves or for at least once a week for great shaving results.

Why do I get razor-burn when using a safety razor?

If you go over the same spot on your skin for multiple times, this will take off the moisturized layer of the skin thus leaving it dry and prone to irritation. Additionally, if shave against the grain with a safety-razor then you might be at a higher risk of causing skin irritation and razor burn most especially in areas where the skin is thin and sensitive.

How do you shave with a safety-razor without cutting yourself?

  • Prep the skin using pre-shave oil.
  • Consider using shaving soap or cream.
  • Make sure the blade is new and sharp.
  • Try shaving in short strokes with less pressure.
  • Always shave to the grain so as to avoid irritations.
  • Apply an aftershave balm or moisturizer after shaving.

Is safety razor good for beginners?

Yes, safety razors are very good for beginners but they will need some practice, getting-used and being a bit more gentle at the beginning for best shaving results. In fact, a safety-razor will become easier to use over time and it can really offer a closer and comfortable shave.

Is it difficult to use a safety razor?

No, safety-razors are very easy to use but it can take some time to get used to using one. In fact, the technique to shaving with a safety-razor differs to that of shaving with a plastic cartridge razor.

Is a safety-razor good at shaving the head?

A safety razor will get you the smoothest shave at home. In fact, a single, ultra-sharp blade will minimize skin irritation and provide a more comfortable shave.

Can a woman shave using a safety razor?

Yes, a safety-razor will provide you with a clean, silky and smooth shave on the legs and bikini area. However, most women have never used a safety razor before but its actually safe and easy to use than disposable razors.

Are safety-razors good for sensitive skin?

Yes, because with safety-razors you make less repetitive passes on the skin which ensures an irritation-free shave and fewer razor bumps. However, you should always change the safety razor blade every 3-to-5 shaves for best results.

Can you use a safety razor on your pubic-hair?

Yes, a safety-razor can be used to shave genital-areas but you must have some experience with traditional wet shaving. You should also consider tightening the skin to avoid shaving over wrinkles.

Are safety-razors worth it?

Yes, this is because these razors reduce on skin irritation, shave bumps, and ingrown hairs that are very common with cartridge or electric razors. In fact, with a safety razor you only have one blade against your skin at any time which facilitates for a closer and more comfortable shaving experience.

What factors should I consider when choosing a safety-razor?

# Aggressiveness: Always choose a safety-razor depending on your level of shaving-experience. So, a beginner can choose a mild, non-aggressive razor while an expert can go for a more advanced razor.

# Handle-Texture: Safety-razors with textured handle will give you a good grip in all situations, even when shaving wet with oil or gel.

# Weight: The weight of a safety-razor is a very important factor when choosing a safety-razor. In fact, safety-razor with some weight will provide with greater balance while shaving compared to lighter weight razors. The weight will also put the razor to work instead of applying pressure.

# Handle-length: Most safety-razors come in 2 main handle-lengths of; 80mm and 100mm. So, in most cases long-handled razors a better to use but if you have small-hands then consider getting a short-handled razor.

# Head-Type: There are actually various types of razor-heads to choose from which include; Straight-bar, Scalloped, Closed-comb, Open-comb, and Slant-head.

# Razor-Type: Safety razors are available with a standard straight comb bar and a fixed blade exposure gap. However, you can also get an adjustable razor that allows you to control the amount of exposed blade. In fact, the performance of your razor depends on the type of blade you use.

What type of safety-razor should you get depending on your shaving-experience, skin-type & hair-type?

  1. Beginner-level: You should choose a mild razor with a scalloped safety bar. This safety-razors is actually very easy to use and will give you a comfortable shaving experience.
  2. Sensitive skin type: If you have a very sensitive skin, then you should consider getting a scalloped bar safety-razor for best shaving results.
  3. Thick & coarse hair: In case you have thick and coarse hair, then select a razor with a wider gap between the head and the bottom of the blade or an adjustable safety-razor that lets you adjust according to your needs. However, if you your beard needs to be guided into the blade you may choose a closed-comb razor.
  4. Thin hair type: If you have thin hair, then consider getting safety-razor with a scalloped bar in-order to achieve great shaving results.
  5. Shaky-hands or heavy-handed: Consider getting a safety-razor with a scalloped safety bar because its more forgiving and can allow for a little more speed or heavy-handedness.

Advantages of safety razors?

+ Provide a closer shave.
+ Blade replacement is cheaper.
+ Less irritation due to less drag.
+ Safety razors are easier to clean.
+ Improved skin and face conditioning.
+ They are good at trimming coarse hair.
+ No hairs will stick between the blades as you shave.
+ Reduce on skin-irritation, shave-bumps & ingrown-hairs.
+ They are great tools for wet-shaving with shaving cream or soap.
+ They will ensure that your face is smooth & hair-free in just one pass.
+ They use only one blade against your skin at any time to provide a comfortable shave.
+ A standard safety razor gives a high quality, smooth shave with very little irritation.
+ The weight and balance of a safety razor are perfectly designed to fit comfortably in the hand.

Disadvantages of safety razors:

– You can cut yourself when rushing.
– May cause bleeding and wounds on skin.
– You may get a rough skin after shaving.
– Cause itchiness and rashes on sensitive skins.
– Require to improve on your shaving technique.
– The moving parts of the hinged section of the head mechanism are more prone to breakage.


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