The 5 Best Beard Oils in 2024 – Beard Oil Products Reviewed:

Beard Oils

Beard-oil is a conditioner formulated to moisturize and soften beard hair. Additionally, beard oils are also effective at moisturizing skin beneath the beard and most men use beard oils to keep their beards looking fuller, softer, and tamed. It is also used to promote beard growth.

So, If you want to soften and moisturize your coarse beard using a beard-oil, then you should consider getting the Zeus Beard Oil  or Jack Black Beard Oil because they are the Best Beard-Oils on the market today in 2024.


Detailed Reviews Of The Best Beard-Oils for Men in 2024:

#1st CHOICE: Zeus Beard Oil for Men:

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The Zeus Beard Oil for Men is an All-Natural Beard Conditioning Oil formulated to Soften your Beard and Mustache Hairs. This product will actually become your facial hairs new best friend and its even Made from all natural ingredients which make it ideal for every skin and hair type. 


  • Great scent: Our popular sandalwood scent is a manly with a woodsy smell coupled with a hint of spice.
  • Reduces beard itch: Quick-absorbing Safflower Seed Oil helps reduce itch.
  • Beard shine: Moroccan Argan Oil helps give your beard a healthy shimmer.
  • Soothes beards: Anti-inflammatory Grape Seed Oil helps repair irritated skin.
  • Hydrates beards: Vitamin E repairs dry skin and hydrates your face.


#2nd CHOICE: Jack Black Beard Oil for Men:

Jack Black Beard Oil for Men

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The Jack Black Beard Oil is an exclusive blend of certified organic natural oils, potent antioxidants, and vitamins that help to prevent dry, itchy skin. In fact, this beard-oil is formulated to hydrate and soften dry, brittle facial-hair (beards) for a healthy shine. Any available itching will definitely stop the moment you start using this oil and you will stay smelling great just like a normal beardsman.


  • It formulated to prevent dry and itchy skin.
  • Hydrates and softens dry and brittle beards.
  • This beard oil will offer your beards a healthy shine.
  • Made of an exclusive blend of certified organic natural oils, potent antioxidants, and vitamins.
  • Botanicals and essential oils work together to soften beards and produce a healthier, shining beard.


#3rd CHOICE: Billy Jealousy Devil’s Delight Beard Oil for Men:

Billy Jealousy Devil's Delight Beard Oil

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The Billy Jealousy Devil’s Delight Beard Oil for Men is formulated to moisturize, strengthen and protects your beard shaft while eliminating itching and flakes. In fact, this beard-oil will soften and smoothen each hair-strand thus making your beard easier to tame. Additionally, it can be used to smooth down flyaways without weighing your beard down. Likewise, this oil will eliminate odor caused by sweat, smoke, and other pollutants. All in all, the ingredients used in this beard-oil will prevent hair breakage which helps longer beards to stay full while ingredients like soybean-oil will promote new and healthy growth to help fill in any patchiness.


  • Easily absorbed without weighing hair down.
  • It helps to eliminate beard itching and flakes.
  • High in Vitamin E to strengthen and soften hair.
  • Conditions beard hair and helps prevent breakage.
  • Rich in omega fatty acids to promote healthy hair growth.
  • It moisturizes, strengthens and protects your beard shaft.
  • Eliminates odor caused by sweat, smoke, and other pollutants.
  • It will help to smooth down any flyaways without weighing the beard down.
  • Nourishing ingredients prevent breakage which helps longer beards stay full.
  • Beard-oil softens and smoothens each hair-strand making the beard easier to tame.
  • High in gamma alpha lineolic acid (GLA) to add volume and thickness to the beards.
  • Ingredients like soybean-oil promote new healthy growth to help fill in any patchiness.


#4th CHOICE: The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil and Conditioner Softener:

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The gentlemen’s beard oil is a great product that will suit you the very moment you use it. You will never suffer from any sort of itching or beard dandruff as it stops these when used. It will look after your hair and protect the skin underneath thus giving you a shiny and healthy appearance. It is made from the purest products that transform any abrasive beard into a smooth sleek work of art.


  • This oil is unscented and will not give you any poor smell whatsoever.
  • The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil conditioner Softener has Vitamin E and evening Primrose oil that reduce beard itch and stopping of dandruff.
  • This oil conditioner also treats split ends as well. It does not matter whether they start to come in naturally or occur after a shave just reach for your Gentlemen’s beard oil!
  • It is also easy to use as just a few drops into your hands will do a great job for your beard.


#5th CHOICE: Pure Body Naturals Hydrating Beard and Stache Duo Kit (Oil & Balm):

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Get the best treatment for your hair using this beard and stache oil conditioner. It is easy to use and effective as it comes with sophisticated and natural vitamins and ingredients to a soft, hydrated and conditioned beard. You will not get itching in the beard or irritations that tend to come with over grown beards hence keeping your beard moisturized and healthy in 2024.


  • It controls and helps to ease itch or irritation associated with the first few weeks of new beard growth
  • It hydrates and nourishes your beard and stache with 100% natural and organic oil with the synergistic blend of Argan, Apricot, Vitamin E & Sesame oils.
  • It treats your beard to a soft and natural beard free from greasy oils.

Best Beard Oils

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Do beard oils actually work?

Yes, Beard-oils actually contain ingredients that help to promote healthy hair growth within your beards. Additionally, they can moisturize, strengthen and protect your beard shaft while conditioning beard hair and preventing hair breakage.

When should I begin using beard oil?

Its recommended to begin using Beard-oil as soon as you start growing the beard. You should actually use Beard-oil daily in the morning after washing your face. Additionally, try adding a few more drops of Beard Oil later in the day or before bed.

How often should I use beard oil?

Its best to apply beard-oil for at least twice a day. So, apply the beard-oil in the morning before starting your day and at night before going bed. However, always take a shower or wash your face with clean water before applying the beard-oil.

Why do some men use beard oil?

To moisturize and condition the beard and skin under it. Likewise, beard-oil helps to promote healthy beard growth while adding extra shine to your beard.

Is it safe to use beard-oils?

It depends on many factors like; allergies, medical conditions and quality of ingredients used in the beard-oil. However, using beard-oil is usually safe for most men although other may experience some side-effects.

What’s the perfect beard length?

A 10mm beard is a great length to keep a short beard without falling into the stubble territory and without the beard getting too long to handle. Additionally, the most attractive beard length is “heavy-stubble” and it comes after about 10 days of growth.

Why do girls like men with beards?

Women tend to associate more masculine bearded faces with physical strength, social assertiveness, and formidability. In fact, women perceive men with facial hair to be more attractive, physically and socially dominant compared to men without beards.

What does a beard symbolize in men?

Growing a beard is a sign of physical maturity in men and its usually associated with age and grown manhood. In fact, in the past beards were associated with maturity, power, and higher social status by most people.

How to apply Beard Oil:

  • Shower and dry your beard before applying the beard-oil.
  • Squeeze the appropriate amount of beard-oil into the palm.
  • Use about 3-to-10 drops of beard-oil depending on how long you’ve grow your beard.
  • Spread the oil evenly across your palms and fingers. Continue rubbing your hands until the beard oil covers the entire surface of your palms and fingers.
  • Brush the palms of your hands along the sides of the beard. Apply the oil about 2 to 3 times on each side of your beard. Work the beard oil from the roots to the tips of beard hair-strands.
  • Drag the fingers down the front of your beard. Do this by closing your fingers together and place each hand over your mouth. Repeat this process with each hand for 2 to 3 times.
  • Run the fingers up through the bottom of your beard. Open your hands so that there’s about 1⁄2 inch between each finger. After, point the fingers upwards and run them through the lowest point of your beard. Repeat this process for each hand for 2 to 3 times.
  • Apply beard-oil to your mustache hair using fingertips. So, place the tips of each of your index fingers to the middle of your mustache. After, drag each finger down your mustache toward your cheeks. Repeat this process for 2 to 3 times with each finger.
  • Consider applying beard-oil every 2-days if the beard is short. Shorter beards don’t require as much beard-oil like longer beards. In fact, you should only apply beard oil every 2 days if you live in a humid climate.
  • Try using beard-oil daily if you live in an area with a dry climate. Drier climates tend to dry out your beard and this implies that a more frequent application is required. However, incase you find that daily application is making the beard too oily, then try cutting down on application by applying the oil once every day.

Advantages of using beard oil:

+ keeps your facial-hair hydrated and soft.
+ Softens and strengthens beard hair all day long.
+ It makes managing and combing your beards easier.
+ It will help to reduce on itchiness caused by flaking skin.
+ Provides beard with vitamins and minerals for healthy beard growth.
+ It can help to tame fly-away hairs and give your beard a tidy shape.
+ Moisturizes the skin underneath your beard to prevent dry, flaking skin.
+ Most beard-oils contain fragrances that give your beard a pleasant smell.
+ Some beard-oils have antimicrobial properties that may prevent folliculitis.
+ Conditions your beards for lesser split ends, stronger hair follicles and enhanced beard growth.
+ Some beard oils also contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that help to fight redness and inflammation.
+ Beard-oil moisturizes your pores and prevents the skin from drying out while cleansing it of any impurities as well.

Disadvantages of using beard oil:

– It can leave the skin greasy & oily.
– Excess beard oil can clog up your pores.
– Some beard-oils can cause allergic reactions.
– Not all beard-oils are certified to be safe for use.


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